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    • Man I am ready for some combine news, to get things more exciting and more information on draft prospects. Of course soon after we get into the free agency news swarm, I love the offseason but the time between the super bowl and combine seems to take forever.
    • You brought up a good point about number of years starting in college.   http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/1st-year-starters   Cam Newton, Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Mark Sanchez, Mitch Trubisky, now AR   These are all 1 year starters in college.    Josh Allen, Mahomes, Watson, Lamar, Herbert, even Carson Wentz (the injury changed everything for him), Burrow, Stroud 2 or more years of starting in college.    It takes a lot to get a 1 year starter ready for the next level. 
    • I get the Addison comparisons a bit with body type but maybe Steve Smith feels coaching can teach someone to run routes even as a burner. I compare Troy Franklin to a taller DJax that folks had to give a cushion due to speed thus allowing comeback routes and the occasional double move or if it’s single safety high, a possible post move based on where the safety is.   Legette, he has only 1 year of production vs Metcalf in college, that’s the comparison that I don’t agree with. But Franklin is definitely worth the upside at No.46, no doubt    I see Adonai Mitchell catching style like MVS. If it hits you in the numbers, you are a body catcher and will bring it down but if your catch radius is tested a bit more and it’s not a perfect ball in stride like Mahomes threw sometimes, you’re not going to come down with it.    
    • Perhaps I should’ve been more clear.     When I say there was no negative reaction back then, I’m not talking about the fan base.  I’m talking about the media that covers the NFL — people in the know.     Rare is the time I care about what fans think.   I just don’t.   Fans are not informed enough.  But media-wise, I don’t recall any media reaction expressing shock or surprise that Chicago took Trubisky over the other two.     NOTE:  please see my post to 2006CBE about my view of Trubisky.  I was not a big fan of his, but I also wasn’t a hater.   So I’m not defending him. 
    • To be clear….   I was NOT a Trubisky fan.  He only started one season for North Carolina.  I think he only started 13 games (like AR).   His one year was very good, but still he had so little experience.      But I don’t remember any outrage over Chicago taking Trubisky over Watson or Mahomes.    Maybe there was and I’m misremembering.     FWIW:  There are video’s on YouTube about how much KC LOVED Mahomes.  But they didn’t want to trade up to 2.  So they hoped he’d fall to 10, which he did, and KC traded two 1’s and a 3 to move up and take him.     KC thought Mahomes was not only the best QB in that class, they thought he was one of the best QB prospects they’d ever seen.  Their view was Texas Tech had a terrible defense and so Mahomes played every game knowing he had to score a minimum OF 35 points to win, and in some cases 45-50 points.  KC thought he was brilliant.   Props to them, they got it right.     Now, I should look for videos about the Bears drafting Trubisky.  Try to gage reaction back in 2017 and see what the reaction was in real time.  Interesting stuff on YouTube. 
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