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Jim Caldwell, Second Lightning Rod Besides Painter


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Had we hired Lovie Smith, I'd be one of those fans you're talking about that had their minds made up from the beginning and could never be convinced otherwise. I think Lovie Smith is a substandard coach, and he actually has losing seasons to support my belief. Caldwell doesn't.

Many of us are in the same boat. It's so ridiculous -- the hatred of Caldwell -- that we kind of have no choice but to defend him. Some people don't like him, but are reasonable. Even FireJimmy, despite his screenname, isn't completely out of touch. But some people, mostly the same ones who can look at a person's facial expression for two or three minutes a week and determine matter of factly that he does nothing but stand on the sideline on Sundays, are so dead set on the idea that this team is basically on auto-pilot, and the only time they even notice the coaching is when something they don't like happens. It's really amazing to me. I'm sitting back reading this thread, shaking my head in wonderment. And then, when I get ready to reply to one of these non-sensical posts, I don't even know where to start.

I can't wait to start doing my Grades thread again. I'm going to spend a little more time on coaching, I think. That oughta be interesting.

That's why I said some fans. I didn't say all the Caldwell haters were like that. I can understand the people who don't like his time out calling and other things that have happened vs. the people who don't like them based on what they think happens in the lockerroom. I'll be the first admit Caldwell is far from perfect. That' why I called him a decent coach. I just don't think there was a better option out there at the time for what the Colts wanted and frankly it's not like Caldwell has run this team into the ground since he got the job.

As for Lovie, I am not going to have the debate about a guy we never hired. I do think the fact he got Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl says something though.

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If you think at any point Caldwell sat Peyton down and talk to him about anything, your wrong. Caldwell was in the coaches office with all the other coaches praying to the football gods that Peyton would work it out.

Ahh, it's one thing to have people think you're an * but why speak (or in this case type) and remove all doubt? Caldwell let's the position coaches handle things like that but I know for a fact that not only did Caldwell, Reich and Manning all spent quite a bit of time reviewing film and discussing things. And I also know for a fact that Manning asked Caldwell to get involved, probably has something to do with Caldwell being his QB coach.

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