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    • I don't see Ballard trading a boatload of picks to move up and draft a QB.  Not with this team.  I believe he thinks he can win a SB with Rivers right now.  Rookies and rookie QB' carry so much risk.  I don't see him mortgaging the franchise on one.  He doesn't have the time. Both Ballard and Irsay know we are SB contenders right now.   Eason is his developmental QB. We drafted him for that reason.  As long as he progresses I don't see him moving up to try and get another.  As long as Rivers shows he can get the job done he's the guy.  But if he can't then it's more likely we trade for a veteran until Eason shows he is or he is not the guy long term.  Ballard's not afraid to trade a pick for a premium player but I doubt he would trade multiple premium picks for a rookie QB.  He loves draft picks.  He has said it many times.  I don't think that would be a path he would go down.  
    • There is one guy that we need to include while proposing hypotheticals. Aaron Rodgers. If the Packers go on a downward spiral and want to hedge their bets on Jordan Love, I think we could prolong his career better than taking our chances with Philip Rivers again, IMO. He can at least do roll outs and add a few things that Rivers cannot, like not throwing INTs and make plays down the field.   I would give up a first and a 2nd for Rodgers in a heartbeat.
    • 24% under center (broken down 79% run / 21% pass) 76% shotgun (broken down 32% run / 68% pass)    
    • Excellent response, and thank for taking the time. Yes, this is and has been your stance, but it helps this discussion greatly. This is exactly what I hope to see more of in this thread. 
    • 1s in 21 22  as well as several 2s and 3s 
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