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  1. JustAColtsFan

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    There were a couple of DE's the Colts drafted a few years ago that no body had heard of before. Perhaps you have heard of them now - Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Just saying that the knowledge to assess young talent is not possessed by simple forum posters such as we. I trust our scouts and GM.
  2. JustAColtsFan

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    And this makes us play better how?
  3. JustAColtsFan

    Frank Reich HC - #3 is Barkley or Chubb

    Trent Richardson? Ugh ;)
  4. JustAColtsFan


    He is a great guy. He came out and talked to my husband's little league football team while he was QB for the Colts. You've never seen so many wide eyes and open mouths in your life - and that was just the parents lol. I still have my Harbaugh autographed stat sheet from that little league practice scrimmage. Those of us over 35 or so that remember the Colts BPM (before Peyton Manning) revered Captain Comeback. I would feel fortunate to have him as head coach.
  5. JustAColtsFan

    [Yates] Colts trade Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett

    An un-named source lol. No really, someone I know that wears a Colts Super Bowl ring.
  6. JustAColtsFan

    [Yates] Colts trade Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett

    Kaepernick is locker room toxin. Why would we want to introduce a cancer like that? He couldn't start at SF anymore and if he were still any good another team would have picked him up by now.