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  1. I was at that game. People who left missed a game for the ages. I swear the concrete was shaking under my feet and you could feel the vibration from the "Sound" in your chest. Yesterday wasn't quite that spectacular but it shows you shouldn't leave early. What you going to do, go sit in traffic lol!
  2. Nothing to do with trade deadline, but maybe Ballard should try to get Josh Gordon. NE will have to release him in a couple of weeks. They put him on IR when he was not seriously injured. Will have to release him to clear waivers.
  3. Every week JB has done what has been asked of him. Take care of the ball - check, hand it off to Mack Check, Houston stacking the box, "Throw the Damn Ball" - check. We hadn't even come close to seeing this Kids ceiling. I am very excited to see the next step!
  4. Wow. Wish Vinetari hadn't had that crappy game against the Chargers. We really should be 5-1. We sucked in all phases in the Raider game so must own that one. I think 12-4 is realistic.
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