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  2. Damian Lillard is filthy. Better check his blood temp...he might be cold blooded.
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  4. Here's mine. Round 1 Pick #26 A.) Jeffrey Simmons DT B.) Jerry Tillery DT C.) Josh Jacobs RB Round 2a Pick #34 A.) Chris Lindstrom OG B.) Darnell Savage S C.) Kaleb McGary OT Round 2b Pick #59 A.) Ben Banogu DE B.) Terry McLaurin WR C.) Charles Ominehu DE Round 3 Pick #89 A.) Khalen Saunders DT B.) Justin Layne CB C.) Andy Isabella WR Round 4a Pick #129 A.) Kahale Warring TE B.) Blake Cashman OLB Round 4b Pick #135 A.) Keelan Doss WR B.) Ty Summers OLB Round 5 Pick #164 A.) Benny Snell RB B.) Malik Gant S Round 6 Pick #199 A.) Paul Adams OT B.) Iman Marshall CB Round 7 Pick #240 A.) Hunter Renfrow WR B.) Alex Bars OG GL to everyone involved!
  5. I think it was Caldwell who pulled the plug. Either way, I'll never forget Peyton standing on the sidelines with his helmet on, looking furious, the entire second half when the starters got benched vs. the Jets. Then we had the on-side kick happen after halftime and lost the SB a month later. That was a great, but ultimately frustrating year.
  6. The greatest trick the Ballard ever pulled on @DerekDiggler and @crazycolt1 was convincing them that the WR didn't exist...
  7. I think one of the saddest days for Jim and the Colts was when he had to cut Peyton. Those were real tears Jim had running down his face. He has always carried his emotions out in the open showing his love of his team. Personally I can't imagine wanting a different owner than Jimmy. I say Jimmy because he was 12 years old when Robert bought the Colts and that is what most of us knew him as.
  8. I think Ballard is building this team for the long haul. We can use some help on D, for sure. I doubt he's going to be planning this draft specifically to match up with some teams' QBs who we play early this season. It may be that those positions and players available at them turn out being the positions Ballard thinks we need to improve and grow sustainably, but I have a feeling he's got his long-term plan in mind and isn't going to let a couple games early this year impact his draft strategy of building this team into a perennial SB contender. The positions you list all make sense, but I just think he's got a long-term plan in mind and isn't going to let the fact that we play Rivers, Ryan, Mariotta, Carr and Mahommes in the first 5 games influence what he thinks is best for this team's overall future.
  9. I was thinkin "man this Funchess dude is ripped!". Then i thought "and he looks an awful lot like..... WAIT A MINUTE! That IS Justin Houston!". Haha Anybody else think he might be one of Snoop Dogg's kids? Devin Funchissle Is a unique cat. No pun intended. Just CHILL dudes
  10. Interesting man and GREAT owner. Has hired great people and let's them do their job. And most important, you can tell how much he truly loves his team. It's not just a hobby. He's imperfect sure, but he's done this team and us fans proud.
  11. Yeah Pink Floyd was recording their debut album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn at the same time the Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper in different studios at EMI in 1967.
  12. That tackle would have to be a complete STUD and I don’t see any that will slide back that far IMO the most likely pick in the First will be a defensive lineman , because that position is DEEP and there are several impact players at that position that will surely slide to us. I also expect the second pick to be either a WR, S or a CB
  13. I'm guessing it came from my Stanford website. I just looked and didn't see it, so I've posted a shoutout for help. Someone eventually will come to my rescue. I just don't know what the answer will be. Am I having a senior moment? Is my mind playing tricks with me? Hope not. But will soon find out....
  14. he said last year, or maybe it was the year before, that he wanted to play outside CB, instead of slot corner. he's considered one of the top 3 slot corners, so Denver wasn't hearing his ask. he'll be 30 before the season starts. he broke his leg late last year. gonna pass. if we really wanted a CB, I'd take one at 26, and ride the 4 year rookie contract out. not one of our top 3 needs. i really don't want to sign at 30 year recently injured CB for more than 2 years, and he'd likely want a 4 year deal. he's too old for a prove it. made 10 or 11M last year, and tackles have been declining.
  15. I don’t think ballard would pay him what he wants. Albright is suggesting maybe the colts switch 26 for Denver’s 41. Maybe throw in a third or fourth round pick. That would give us 3 second round picks.
  16. If it's small amount and they expect him to be able to play through his 1st contract I'm OK with it. IMO nowadays you should never draft a RB with the expectation that you will give him a second contract. He either will be real good and command massive contract, which I'm against giving to RBs or he will be easily replaceable through the draft. I'm with you here... 4th-5th rounder would be very good value for the potential game breaking ability you get from him... even if you have to wait a year for it.
  17. Lies lies lies......damn lies...….and more lies. That's all we are getting right now. Only a handful of people know what that Colts war room is trying to do.
  18. Okey dokey. Agree to disagree. All we have to do is revisit this conversation in 2 years to c who is right
  19. God that drop is painful to see. Stupid hands got in Fountains way
  20. I agree with this. If he's there at 26, Ballard may take him. I see a lot of Alvin Kamara in Jacobs.
  21. Would be one heckuva haul, but I agree with twfish, I don't see Savage lasting that long either. Even without him, it would still be a tremendous haul though. I sincerely hope you nailed it!
  22. I don’t see Glowinski wing removed from the starting oline since we just signed him to 3 yrs at a fairly nice money contract. It’s not back up money. Technically as I type this, just one more night until we know the plan and the forum gets over run by people complaining that we didn’t get the right player and we passed on a future all pro HOF for a scrub
  23. I'm gonna say Jacobs is the dark horse here. Just a gut hunch. I might cry though.
  24. Tape is king. You can't tell me he looks like a 4.7 guy on tape. Did Jerry Rice look like a 4.7 guy on tape?
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