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  2. I don’t think not addressing the QB will put him on the hot seat. But if he doesn’t address it and Jacoby doesn’t improve he will be.
  3. How long was Lewis a HC for the bengals? My point is fans are wrong 90% of the time. You can say his seat will be warm. Others his seat hot. doesnt mean they're right. I'm basing my opinion on irsays past actions of patience.
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  5. What if fields and Lawrence decide to stay their senior years. That is the thing that can’t be predicted. You can have a idea what might be there but it’s just a guess. Everything is such a unknown next year as far as QB. We do know what’s there right now though in this draft. I think after the draft we will get a better idea what Ballard was thinking if he selects a QB in the first round when he holds his post draft presser. I am so excited for the draft. We have so much money we can spend in FA and some very high draft picks. We should come out of it vastly improved even if we don’t take a QB. The only thing that will disappoint me is us signing rivers and not getting the future.
  6. Irsay said good things about everyone, and talked about options for everything. Not doing anything about the QB situation alone doesn't put Ballard on the hot seat. But, having a 3rd losing season in 2020 out of his four years would warm it up, and create a hot seat situation in 2021 if he fails to make changes again, and things don't get better. IMO, Irsay said exactly what I thought he would. And it amounted to almost nothing. The only real news was that the talk of Mack's extension were false, and one might glean that AC is likely to come back.
  7. I’m not disputing what you say here... only the concept that nobody know anything about next year. They do. One other thing I meant to mention... ESPN last week also put out a premium story about what to expect at the 2021 Combine. And to the surprise of everyone, next years WR class also looks very, very good. Perhaps not 2020 good, but much better than one might expect. It’s not often you get a great class at a position in back to back years. It happens, but not that often.
  8. Irsay: JB is on the rise and should be given time to develop. Colts fans: If Ballard doesnt do anything about the QB position he will be on the hot seat.
  9. To your first sentence I think that’s a big... maybe. You might think that’s the logical play, but sometimes things leak out. Remember Luck? Sometimes the news comes from the agent or the player. Drew Brees just announced he’s coming back next year and he doesn’t have a contract yet. Stuff happens.
  10. After watching Grigson suck for years with Andrew Luck and you still believe that.
  11. I will agree that it’s not a deep class. Once you get past five or six there isn’t much there. It’s not smart for Ballard to pass on a QB if he is sold and just say wait until next year. What if we are drafting lower and don’t have that extra high pick like this year.This is the year to draft a QB if he is sold on one this year. Every year he delays it.the core of the team is getting older. By getting one this year they would be ready in 2021. Wait until next year your probably wasting another year.
  12. ESPN recently had a story with the anonymous viewpoints of about 10-12 GMs. A premium story so most here didn’t see it. The view was this is not a great class of QBs. It’s not a terrible class, but last years was much better. And so was the 18 class as well. This year, with what looks like only one sure Day One starter and the rest likely needing a redshirt year... not so much.
  13. No fans know what next years draft is like. But NFL scouts do. A year ago scouts had already pegged the 2020 wide receiver draft class as near historically good. And they said offense was better than defense. All 32 teams have a feel for next year already. Part of the job. Sometimes it helps make decisions about the current year easier to make.
  14. The quote says Smoke signal. as in sending out feelers for info. not smoke screen which means sending out false info
  15. He may not be a Chevette, but he's definitely not a sports car. Camry at best. And I think you're on record wanting a game manager QB. Any stud receiver's performance will be hampered by a game manager.
  16. You realize they aren’t going going to say he is coming back until he is signed. Jim is a positive person so maybe that is all it was. WE will find out soon.
  17. LMAO So showing interest in a player when you really want another is a smoke signal. OK
  18. So in other words, the Colts FO is doing the exact same things that every other NFL FO with a clue is doing. Yawn...
  19. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it sounds at all like they’re working on a contract. That would imply AC has told them he’s coming back. And I don’t think AC has done that. What it sounds to me... is that AC is leaning toward coming back. That Irsay feels confident enough in what he’s heard to say what he did publicly. I wouldn’t expect the contract part to be all that hard. It’s the yes or no to coming back that has been the hardest part. Thats my read. Your mileage may very.
  20. When he talks about having 8 picks (IOW extra picks) and having needs, it tends to imply that they are thinking about using the extra pick(s) to trade for a vet.
  21. Fixed it for you. Really this time. Not being a smart *.
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