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  2. I love AC and definitely want him back past next year (assuming all goes well this season). But lets hope we can develop SOMEONE to be competent enough to take over just in case.
  3. WE actually need to find a competent backup that can take over when he retires.
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  5. Left tackles don’t age that well. I’m an AC fan but they definitely have to prepare for his level of play to start waning soon. Check out this article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.milehighreport.com/platform/amp/2017/2/27/14724674/age-wall-for-offensive-tackles-nfl
  6. Had to follow the game on phone when I could while traveling deep in the heart of Texas today. El Mago did his thing once again! And how special is the story of the boy who is recovering from cancer that asked for a moonshot yesterday, and Rizzo delivered with a grand slam!!! Awesome!!!! So glad they’ve been successful with Contreras injured, although it looks like he was taking batting practice today so should be back soon. Russell had a rough game again, and Madden was a little critical of him after the game. His days might be numbered. Hope the Cubs can get a sweep tomorrow, and start their road trip with some more momentum!
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  8. Yes I know, it was more a footnote to last year and limited (Johnson, Fountain) and no (Cain - Injured) making the roster. With the polish garnered from last year, a full offseason of refinement, OTA's and Mini Camps its time for them to shine in Training Camp and claim their roles!
  9. i bet managing the roster for those two games would be a nightmare
  10. that is a weird group. blackmon could have been great, jefferies has had a very good career but not all with the bears i thought floyd would be good, and he was for a year or so and then apparently he too had a substance problem
  11. That is a very interesting point. Typically HoF HCs and HoF QBs go hand-in-hand. Lombardi - Starr Knoll - Bradshaw Landry - Staubach Walsh - Montana/Young Parcells - Simms Shula - Marino Johnson - Aikman Belichick - Brady Dungy - Manning It's hard to know how well these QBs would have done without those coaches. I wonder how well Archie Manning would have done with one of these coaches... Reich and Luck got off to a good start last year. Maybe they'll join this list...
  12. You're talking about when to have the draft, right? I'd prefer sometime during Preseason week 4 (August 26-30) just in case a starter happens to get injured during one of the first three preseason games. My days off are usually Wed and Thurs, but I'm flexible if everyone else wants to do it on other days.
  13. In the interview he did say he isn’t about chasing the money. He said he is thirty years old and he doesn’t need to do that. As long as they offer him s fair deal I think it will get done pretty quick. He should retire here.
  14. Agreed. There may be one or two elite left tackles per draft, and most aren't NFL ready lineman like a Quenton Nelson. We also probably won't have a high enough pick to take an elite one in the 1st round. Best to extend Constanzo and draft his successor in the 2nd round next year IMO.
  15. Right there are no other options. Teams don’t trade their superstar left tackles and it’s not like you can just get one in the draft and they will be good right away. This o line would take a huge step back if he wasn’t extrnddd. O lineman age well in the nfl. They can play well into this mid thirties. I think it will get done once they get back to camp.
  16. Definitely need to extend him. The sooner the better.
  17. Fly the flag Hozer, Cubs win again 6-5. We are now 10 games above .500 at 54-44 and 3 ahead of the Cards, 3.5 ahead of the Brewers in the NL Central. I love the way we have played since the all-star break.
  18. Dont see any other options. Its not like we have anyone currently on the roster that can replace AC.
  19. I just hope Lucks career isn't wasted like Manning's was under Dun-gy.
  20. Grant and Inman are already gone I believe.
  21. The NFL is a joke with this decision. Some really nice guy like a friend of mine is, who can take care of himself, is going to absolutely beat Hill's butt to a pulp sometime. Then watch Hill cry as the victim.
  22. Still of the opinion that while players like Rogers, Inman, Grant and Pascal were a bit more polished - but don't have all of the front office's desired measurables - players like Cain, Fountain, Campbell, Funchess, Veasey and Johnson fall into the preferred measurables. If Cain, Fountain or Johnson show continued refinement (with their noticeably better athletic ability) they will make the roster over those others.
  23. This. Absolutely this. It was very clear that they targeted their first four picks in the sequence they were selected based on the very candid and impromptu celebration. In fact, if you rewatch that video you will hear Hollywood Brown's name called when they're discussing the Redskins trade and there were no groans nor any eyes batted in dismay...... They had their plan and seemingly followed it all the way through.
  24. Good interview. He is a funny guy.
  25. I remember my mock from 2012 I had luck, fleener, and t.y. on my list but had t.y. In the 4th round.
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