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  2. I had a very similar thought when I saw @The Old Crow was the last poster in the topic
  3. This. . . Jets roster is terrible outside of Bell and Darnold.
  4. I really doubt he would come back to play in one game. He already has the rings. Also I'm not sure how useful he would be. Even if he's in shape it's doubtful that he could suddenly come back and jump into the game with little to no practice the entire season and play extremely well. I think Hoodie would say "Thanks but no thanks"
  5. It's more the I can't think of a team who would be willing to chance him, a long way to go though before the end of the season. Maybe he comes good and makes TB rethink.
  6. @The Old Crow funny to see you in a crow eating thread. Sorry, had to
  7. I think it says more about the Redskins then it does about Champ Bailey.
  8. I wouldn't count him out of that yet. He's certainly not going to get high starter money, but QB's like Flacco still get starting gigs. I don't know which team would look at him, but someone would give him a try.
  9. He hasn’t the last 2 games. Carolina got 6 but Carolina currently has the best pass rush
  10. I got to page 3 and had to quit this thread
  11. Do keep in mind that Bailey went to the Redskins and then held them hostage to trade him once his rookie contract expired. So trade him they did — to the Broncos for Clinton Portis. The Broncos also got a 2nd rounder along with Bailey. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have done us the same way? Of course, the Skins were already under Snyder’s ownership by then, so maybe Bailey’s refusals were understandable.
  12. I hope they double him and that leaves the middle open for Doyle to have a huge day. He's due.
  13. Today
  14. I hope they are working on deep passing timing this week
  15. Again, we all need to realize Wilson is young. Younger than Rock Ya-Sin. Put that into perspective.
  16. I forgot about him. For the most part, unless you are getting a franchise player, don’t trade up in the first round. It requires too much capital and still is a 50-50 shot. Ballard has done a great job maximizing his picks and getting quality players. DT is a major need but getting an all pro will be very hard and unless someone falls to us then we will have to develop a player(s)
  17. Winston is a frustrating one for sure, shows glimpses of being very capable, but then will have moments of complete implosion. I don't think he's losing the starting gig anytime soon, but I do think they move on from him after this season which adds another team into the mix for QB hunting in the draft. If that does happen it will be interesting to see what he can get on the open market, because he's not really the ideal type QB you'd want as a backup and I can't see him getting another starting gig elsewhere.
  18. We also won't be able to get one of the top 3 QB's in the draft, so our odds are a bit worse of getting a "sure thing".
  19. I don't think they will stop him, but they'll definitely double him. Houston is good vs the run (best we've seen so far), so I'm sure they'll try to make JB throw as much as possible. They aren't great vs the pass, so this should be an opportunity for JB to quiet the doubters. I think 2 of their CBs are banged up too Their rush D is better than both the Raiders and the Titans. Those two teams kept Mack at 51 and 39 yards. I'd guess that Reich will install a game plan on O to spread it around, but I'm betting TY still gets his. It's going to be interesting on D for us. They are 4th in rushing yards per game, and 10th in passing yards per game. I think we may get gashed a bit. I don't see us playing man as much as last week.
  20. They don't have to key on him as much with Brissett in the mix. I don't think he'll hit Hilton in this game for the home-run or long-balls. Different era of arm and mindset now that Luck's gone.
  21. it all depends on what Frank decides to run on game day
  22. It's also worth mentioning that Carolina has a top ten OL, while TB's OL is bottom 10. I've never been a fan of Winston, but it's much easier being a QB for Car, and it's certainly nice to have a guy like McCaffrey to take the pressure off a backup. Also, didn't Winston have like 5 INTs and 2 fumbles. Pretty hard to win with 7 turnovers. Very surprised Carolina didn't beat them by more. I think Winston's QBR was under 10.0 lol.
  23. Now now this is a bit of a strawman. It's one game, in which both QBs were playing so they had a direct impact on each other's numbers. I mean it was hard in some ways for Allen to put up yards when his D kept gifting him great starting position. To your wider comparison, Allen is a backup covering for a starter and they have a RB lighting it up. I'm not surprised they've kept it quite conservative. Even then, it's never been an O built on gaudy passing numbers. Winston.. is when you've found out the answer to "is he the guy", but at least you won't die knowing. Has the arm, doesn't have the QB smarts IMO. I'd certainly rather have the latter than former if I had to choose one. But what's wrong with wanting both? Again... and I will keep repeating this, why is it so wrong to want to see if Brissett is capable of slinging it when needed. Quite prepared to be patient, but also not going to ignore that he has some worrying shortcomings so far and it's not just his reluctance to push it deep. Progressions, locking onto receivers, a few misdiagnoses of defenses (overly critical of me I know). I'd almost be more forgiving if he was trying to make plays and making mistakes, but he's being very conservative and still making some fundamental errors. In a short span of games you'd live with it, but the hope is that he's going to be our guy for years right?
  24. MOD NOTE I've used my "Mod Privilege" to remove a number of posts that while loosely related to the topic aren't in line with the site rules and would no doubt veer towards topics best left alone.
  25. Correction "The most accurate QB ever tested by Sports Science" It's not like it's a standard metric across the board.
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