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Confidence level in Colts right now


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24 minutes ago, Nickster said:

I think . . .total speculation now.  Irsay wants to be liked and has a habit of doubling down.  He did the same thing for Grigs and Pagano.  He extended to big money and years then fired one then the other.


i think he’s too much of a fan to be a very good owner.  

Yea. I’m not sure what to think regarding Irsay. Enough has been said negatively about Jim, and I’m not trying to do that, nor do I want to make this thread about that.  

On one hand, a person can present a logical argument that this team and roster aren’t that far away from being in contention. You could certainly make the argument that with a better QB and HC, this team could at least compete for a wild card spot in the playoffs (not that this is a glowing endorsement). But certainly not bottom of the barrel.


On the other hand though, holy cow. It’s getting harder and harder to defend the decisions Irsay is making and the direction the organization is heading.


So my confidence is pretty low and it’s a direct result of the owner, which is a crappy feeling as a fan of that owners team. 

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On 1/29/2023 at 6:20 AM, bluephantom87 said:


It's championship Sunday in the NFL and down to four teams. As I sit here it got me to thinking about the Colts. Are we YEARS away from participating in a AFCCG? How CONFIDENT are you in the team's future moving forward? Do you feel strongly that we're headed in the right direction and will nail the hc / qb or simply continue on a cloudy type of path that steers us further away from contention? My fingers are crossed for success but with all the drama going on and the new perception nationally of an unstable franchise with no direction has me at about 60/40 that it'll be more down days before this ship can turnaround any time soon. Thoughts?

I try to be an optimist in good times and bad.   So I’m sorry to say I have very little optimism about our future in near terms, the next two years at least, maybe more.  

Look at the AFC:



KC: Mahomes

LAC: Herbert

Den:  Wilson

LV:   ?



Cin: Burrow

Balt: Jackson

Cle:  Watson

Pitt:  Pickett



Buff: Allen

Mia:  Tua

NE:  Jones

NYJ:    ?



J’Ville: Lawrence

Hou:   Draft Pick

Ten:    Tannehill

Indy:    Draft Pick



That’s more than 10 teams whose QB situation is better than the Colts.  Now clearly the Colts don’t have to beat all those teams, but they’re going to have beat many of them, and some are the best QBs in the entire NFL.   And I’d guess the Colts will have to trade future high draft picks in order to trade up to draft the QB they want, rather than stay put and just accept the QB that falls to them.  

So I’m sorry to say I don’t see much reason for a lot of optimism.   And it gives me no pleasure to say that.  And I’d rather be wrong and have the Colts exceed my expectations than be right and have the colts be stuck in the middle. 


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10 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

So I’m sorry to say I don’t see much reason for a lot of optimism.   And it gives me no pleasure to say that.  And I’d rather be wrong and have the Colts exceed my expectations than be right and have the colts be stuck in the middle. 

This is how I’ve felt about the direction of this team for a while NCF.  It wasn’t personal or agenda driven.  I just thought we were headed in the wrong direction in many ways and on many different levels.

gives me no pleasure that a lot of the skepticism proved well founded.  

we kinda have a little meeting place here on. Sundays.  We project the Colts on the wall and have 3 or 4 other games going.  . Family and friends my boys and their friends come

Over.  But well last half of the season we were sitting here by ourselves following fantasy football.  It’s just not the same when the team isn’t good.

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    • Bowers of course but all WR's and Edge Rushers. I want to see the over all speed of some of the Edge Rushers, and WR's. Can't teach speed. That is why Polian couldn't pass on Dwight Freeney because he was fast and quick, even though undersized he was our 1st Round pick back in 2002. Polian got mocked for the pick at the time, but he said that was a no-brain pick after watching Dwight at the combine. Once Freeney ran that 4.48 40 it was history!
    • All I saw was that he was super indecisive in high school as he transferred twice and kept changing his commitment. Then when he was with Bama in 2022, he shoved some woman after the Tennessee loss who was trying to film him, but Saban said there was a deeper story to that.
    • He looks like a legit option, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere there are some character concerns with him. 
    • Cam Hart is a CB I think Ballard would like that we could take in rounds 3/4 if we don't go CB on day 1. He has 32 5/8 inch arms if I remember right.
    • I don't know about necessarily challenging for it this year. Pascal Siakam was a very big pickup, and he's only played 17 games with them. They were 3-6 in his first 9 games in Indy. They are 6-2 in the last eight. I think a player of his magnitude takes some time to get accustomed to. But I think where they are situated in the standings right now is far from where they should be and are more than capable of being. I think they can easily be a top 3 team in the Eastern Conference, which would certainly give them a good shot at competing for a title. While not a huge basketball fan, I have longed for the Pacers to be back in a title fight. I grew up watching Reggie and have vivid memories of the brawl in Detroit. Which I knew at the time was going to be detrimental to what was the best team in the league at that point, in my opinion. It's been said that they may have some serious players looking to come to Indy to pair with Siakam and Haliburton. They have a pretty young talented roster as it is.      I respectfully disagree. Women's college has been poorly attended, for better or worse for some time. Never has a single player been a draw like she has. Iowa just lost in Bloomington a few days ago, and it was a complete sell-out, 17k, with Vic Oladipo sitting courtside. If she declares (still debatable if she will) and she is Indianapolis, people will pay to watch her play. Maybe not sell-outs, but major increase in attendance. Opposing teams are currently experiencing 150% increase in attendance when she is in town. tv ratings sky high. 1.5 million plus. When they lost to Ohio State in overtime, it peaked at just under 4 million. Last year's national championship game? Up 100 plus % to almost 10 million viewers.    I think you grossly underestimate the draw. She's the steph curry of women's basketball. 
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