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  1. Totally agree. So let it be written, so let it be done.
  2. Sorry I meant at the end of this season. I’m trying to prevent additional headaches where some complains the results aren’t fair due to COVID. I just wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  3. Not to pile, but at what point would we want to consider not dropping the lowest two in our league (this year only)? If the league suspends or cancels, I’m assuming we are all in agreement we would do the same. If a team has to reschedule, depending on when, it could really complicate things for us. I’m actually in favor for sticking to the results regardless (fair or not). I just think it worth discussing before games and results happen. Don’t want any hard feelings. Also never been a fan of “playing it by ear”.
  4. 1)I vote we keep kickers. I’d vote to drop kickers if we replace it with IDP. 2)I like your proposal for add/drop and increased roster spots. Man, that is going to be a long draft. 3)I’m fine with what you have for waivers and seeding. Seems like everyone is fine on these two until the season starts. 4) I’ll make any draft time work.
  5. I have not heard from them. If I do not hear from them by August 16th, is it fine to move on from them? I would like for the others to chime in. Since this is an odd year, I'd give them until 8/21. Since this is an issue every year, I think we should consider a hard deadline. Again, this is a weird year, but we could say all teams need to be finalized by start of camp. That would give us until the end of camp to fill any empty spots and decide a draft time. Here were some rule changes discussed last year, anything we want to revisit? I like what we did last y
  6. Can you imagine the reaction if this was a home game?
  7. I'd prefer either of the 8/31 times. I don't think I could make the start of the draft if we do it at 6 pm ET on 8/30.
  8. I'd prefer 9/1 at either time. During the week isn't ideal, but I could probably make it work if it's the best time for everyone else.
  9. I'm okay with waiver wire rule proposed. Decent compromise. I also would prefer ESPN, but will go along with the majority vote.
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