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  1. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I should be available.
  2. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I'd prefer 9/1 at either time. During the week isn't ideal, but I could probably make it work if it's the best time for everyone else.
  3. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I'm okay with waiver wire rule proposed. Decent compromise. I also would prefer ESPN, but will go along with the majority vote.
  4. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I'm in.
  5. It was really tough taking three RBs to start the draft with all the WR/QB talent available
  6. Colts Forum Elite League (12 team): QB: R. Wilson, C. Palmer RB: L. McCoy, I. Crowell, K. Hunt, A. Abdullah, D. Martin WR: P. Garcon, T. Pryor, J. Martin, C. Davis, W. Snead, M. Wallace PK: W. Lutz DEF: Panthers
  7. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Time and date should work for me.
  8. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Same issue here... I'll just have to use my laptop.
  9. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I'm fine with a tie resulting in no change, but I think we should allow for those who voted for ESPN to change their vote. My two cents...
  10. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    1. Y 2. Y 3. C 4. Yahoo 5. Y 6. Y 7. Y 8. N
  11. spoonfish

    Fantasy Football 2017

    I'm in. Sorry been busy with my wedding. Big day is 6/17. Then two weeks in Florida. Yahoo is okay. I'd prefer ESPN only because I like the mobile app better.
  12. Just received a new job offer!! and Boom Goes the Dynamite!

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      Good News for You.


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      Way to go "Rough Rider" Teddy Roosevelt!..I mean Spoonfish :)