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6 possible surprise 1st round picks...

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From Tom Pelissaro over at the NFL Network.


6 players who are likely not on your radar as possible first round picks,  but maybe should be....


We've talked about this for months....     there's going to be more widespread disagreements within the scouting community and the fan base community this year than ever before.   There are going to be more WTH moments in this draft than any other.   This is the latest gift that Covid has given us.  


Anyway....    you likely know these six players....   but you may not be thinking of them as first round picks....


Here they are for your consideration:



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38 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

Idk. 1st round is a little rich for me with Radunz. For me he doesn’t have a standout trait so I wonder what his ceiling is.

I don't think he belongs there either. 

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