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2021 Indianapolis Colts Season results w/stats


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On 6/24/2020 at 5:14 PM, w87r said:



RYS had a big year 94tkls 7 interceptions 8tfl 1td, he was everywhere.

Rhodes didn't haver big int numbers but like RYS had a lot of plays made in the backfield. Knocked away his share of passes.

Moore II played great in the slot, doong a lottle bot of everything. Carrie came in and made some plays on dime and dollar packages.



Hooker and Willis had good years, would like to see some more ints for Hooker, but he disrupted a lot of passes in his zone. Odum made a few plays when he was on the field. Blackmon didn't get much PT on defensive side, that was mostly SPT production.


Overall, the secondary played well for the most part. They did have their moments of getting burned. Probably bla.e that on play calling though.

Bumping season stats



Moore II 84tkls 3tfl 1 sack 3 int 1FR 1TD

RYS 94tkls 8tfl 7 ints 1TD

Hooker 86tkls 1tfl 1 int

Willis 63tkls 1tfl 1 int

Rhodes 67tkls 10tfl 1 int

Carrie 24tkls 1 int

Odum 10tkls 1tfl

Blackmon 5tkls 1FR(SPT)

Tell III 1tkl

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On 6/24/2020 at 5:19 PM, w87r said:


Blankenship was lights out kicking on the season. Couple of GW at end of game. Big leg.


Sanchez is a beast. 19 of 42 punts inside the 20yd line. Numerous inside the 10 and 5. Guy has game. Average would of been higher but killing punts inside 20yd line knocked it down some.

 Bumping season stats



Blankenship 36-37 FG 56yd long 40-41 XP


Sanchez 42 punts 2,005yds 47.8yds/avg 19 inside 20

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On 6/24/2020 at 5:25 PM, w87r said:




Left Hines for his own post. Guy can do it all.


He had 2,381 All Purpose yds


Would of been good for 18th best season in history, if he was able to do this. I actually think he can do better, of given the opportunity to be both KR/PR.


Will be interesting to see if he is able to put up some numbers like this, this year.

Bumping season stats



Hines 65 KR 1,687yds 25.8yds/return

22 PR 265yds 12yds/return


Hines 36 rec 390yds 2TD 1 2pt conv


Hines 11 car 39yds 3.5yds/car

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15 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

@w87r  I was about to ask who made the Pro Bowl, then remembered it wasn't an actual franchise.  haha


You didn't need to spam the likes on these post. I was just bumping them from the middle of thread, in case the casual browser didn't read through it.


I do appreciate it though.


Can't wait for new Madden to come out. Will for sure be going through with player progressions, league stats. Probowls, player of weeks.... Draft scouting, story lines. Go into the following season with new draft picks.

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20 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

You did a great job in this thread, @w87r! If this is how the season turns out I would be thrilled (minus losing to the cursed Steelers for the umpteenth time!)


Appreciate you checking it out.


Damn Steelers loss was fluke at the end to. :censored:

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