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Okay. So for fun let’s rank the QB options in the draft and the FA/Trade. 

I want to keep this realistic. So please rank the draft able players that we could actually get. No Burrow, lol. 

No Luck. 


Anthony Gordon

Jordan Love

Jacob Eason

Jalen Hurts
Tyler Huntley 



Derek Carr

No other options, lol. I believe that he is the only feasible option of improvement. No Rivers, No Foles, No Brady. 

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So excluding Tua and Burrow I have it


1. Jordan Love

2. Justin Herbert 

3. Jacob Eason


And everyone else is in the same tier. Fromm doesn’t move the needle for me at all and I haven’t watched Gordon yet.

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1. Love

2. Herbert (not really a fan of him, but the potential is there somewhere)

3. Patterson (interesting mid-round guy that I think could be a hidden gem)

4. Gordon (desperation move)


The only way I even look at Eason or Fromm is if they hit round 4, which I'm sure someone will grab/overdraft them sooner. Hurts and Huntley wouldn't even be on my cocktail napkin I threw in the trash let alone my board. Huntley is a little bit better passer than Hurts, but I have no interest in mediocre passing dual-threat QB's. 

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