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Colts Dvd Extra On Peyton's Audibles


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I watch a lot of Colts videos, but I guess this is one I overlooked. I thought someone may enjoy it for reminiscent purposes, even if they're already seen it. It's 7.5 minutes of pure audible Manning footage.

On a side-note, I wish we still had Howard Mudd. He's not the greatest o-line coach, but he sure had a chemistry with Manning and the o-line. As Saturday said, Mudd was in on all the o-line interactions, so it's not like he was standing on the sidelines just for show.

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Anyone know what any of these audibles mean?

Apparently, even opposing defenders don't know about it, even though they're in the NFL, watch film like mad, and share insight with the greatest minds in the league. If they don't know it, I doubt any of us forum people would.

Some of it, the video says, is just to throw off defenses and force a 2nd look, so Buddah Raiders could be jibberish, while icecream means something else. When he does non-verbal communication, obviously that's not meant for the o-line, because they can't see behind their backs. Usually, that language is designed for the WR's, since it's hardest on WR's in the flats to hear the QB, especially in a loud stadium at an away game.

They have to make the language at least somewhat simplistic to cut down on training time. For example, maybe the first letter of some code names represents something, like "Louisville soul train" could mean a left designed play on a slant to an intended TE. Just as an example. Or it could relate to specific routes, like "Sally 19" could be a euphemism for a sluggo or slant. Who knows.

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Anyone know what any of these audibles mean?

Im pretty sure that Richmond Florida buffalo are different formations. Richmond = Right, Florida = flood, probably send more guys to the strong side, and Buffalo means balance. When he says Ice cream, it means I formation, and Buddah Raiders probably means Balanced Run. Hope I helped!

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