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  1. How is taking a knee with 30 seconds & 2 timeouts the "right decision"? Why not even TRY? Why not throw a screen, run a drawn or try to get a PI, at least SEE if you get a 20 yard chunk. Why just give up? There is time on the clock....use it! What you are saying about Brissett not being a Peyton is my entire point...by taking knee you are admitting you are NOT good without even TRYIING to be. How can you ever be good in the 2 minute if you are to scared to run it?
  2. The whole point about the knee before half is it illustrates Chuck to a T...he plays not to lose, instead of playing to win. Think about it....do you think Peyton would have EVER taken a knee in the situation? Furthermore we let Peyton walk and then he turns around and wins another Super Bowl...we did that for what? THIS MESS!!! Come on!! We could have had Andrew behind Peyton for 3 years (see A. Rogers) and he would be at the helm now and not on IR.
  3. Why should Chuck go....simple ANY coach that takes a knee with 30 seconds left, 2 time outs and ball on your own 20 just before half. That is COWARD coaching.
  4. My opinion is this is a very real possibility. You have a very smart, educated man with ambitions of doing much more in life then playing a silly game and it would be really hard to have that quality of life later if you cant walk or remember anything at age 55. Football will not be around in 30 years and I see Andrew at a crossroads.
  5. Who wrote this column Ray Donovan? Who ever heard of a GM getting an equity share?
  6. Superman....besides the plays you showed what percentage of plays would you estimate are bad design? How many are just the offense guessing wrong? You cant have the perfect play called every time and Luck seems to have the most trouble when they show one look at snap then D shifts into after the snap.
  7. I will never have the amount of info these coaches have, but multiple times sitting in the stands and seeing the match-ups I called the play before it happened. My wife was even at one point "how do you see that and the coaches don't"? For example when KC was near the goal and Maclin lined up and 41 was across in a man to man line-up and I said post..it was and overthrown. They ran it again and 41 was over him again and I said great now the corner fade....touchdown. I can see this with very limited info....why cant these coaches? Why cant they see when KC lined up with trips to eit
  8. I don't think the Anthem has that much to do with. Have you seen the movie Concussion? That was big blow to the NFL.
  9. What made me really sad and upset was the intro to the game with all those kids that were New England fans...they literally do not believe the Pats ever cheated. That was just sad. They think its just jealousy. This is not something kids should be looking up to or thinking that winning is all that matters.
  10. wasn't Holmes out most of the Saints game? I remember seeing Harrison take most of the snaps but never heard anything about an injury?
  11. Does anybody have a link to the Colts promotional video I believe from the 1st training camp with Chuck wherein he talks to the team about "everything we do is about winning". It was a great motivational video.
  12. Just think...we could still have Peyton, but no we let it all go for this? Really....this? This is what we gave up a legend for?
  13. This makes more sense then shoulder: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-andrew-luck-may-be-dealing-with-rib-injury/ar-AAfwFzF Source is Tim Hasselbeck
  14. What I remember the most from that AFC Championship Game was our receivers could not get separation...what did Luck complete like 12 passes?
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