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  1. Irsay and Grigson completed phase 1 yet? And when do the players start being looked at and signed/cut etc etc?
  2. weird thing is, i damaged my ulna nerve, was damaged by impact, and after physio, icing and all that, one day it just came right, made a huge improvement. nerves are weird things. just wish there was a spot for peyton to come back to if hes not ready and irsay doesnt want to take the gamble with the money. But he may do, he may pay, given that he can still throw the ball, i wouldnt expect peyton to be worse than 2010, he did have the issue then too, otherwise why would he need surgery. Also irsay may feel comfortable that the clean sweep of coaching staff and the possible new schemes may be en
  3. is there somewhere i can read up on all this, i wouldnt want someone to outline all this for me. Or is this all to do with whats in his contract?
  4. i guess it depends how you read into it, peyton was basically just describing his days and his feelings, thats it. Not like colts place is haunted or something, or some dungeon.
  5. This deal with the huge bonus, could they just cut or release him and then sign him again? i have no idea how it works, or what the rules are in the cba, i really only know a cba exists. But is there no way to make the previous contract go away, then just sign him again? In other words tear that contract up, and create a new one? also when he gets cut or released, or whatever way to make the bonus go away, he could just keep rehabbing and then sign later... or is it all not that simple?
  6. well it depends how you read it doesnt it, alot different to how its being said in a video
  7. Im not from the US, and the nfl teams seem to have a heap of coaches, so my question is with the hiring of a new Head Coach, what staff does he bring in or does he control? Is it all the coaches for every player position? OC and DC? From what i understand there is a coach for every position on the team... and they probably have assistants etc etc. So ah any info towards the subject would be good thanks
  8. darn media, and we buy into it, because we have been brought to attention that something is going to be said. Its our own fault for believing what we read because we want to know. And anyone can say anything... and anyone or everyone could/can believe it. Irsay should just have one guy that relays all info, and until he says it, it shouldnt be considered true.
  9. have the colts done any pulling of guards in the run game or anything like that?
  10. really? i would have thought impact players for defense priority, then after the usual mixed picks for projected needs, because either way, i still think the offense is going to go well, only healthy players will say how well
  11. anyone know how much reggie actually wants? i mean he may not want a salary through the roof, but with peytons amount along with top pick, and all the other vets we may need to keep that may want a bit more than their first contract, there might not be much left. but i have no idea how much is available, just asking the question, making assumptions.
  12. good for andy to experience playoffs, and losses in his first season...
  13. how do you know he hasnt already spoken to people prior to making his decision and telling the press... Just have to wait and find out wont we
  14. its not all set yet, but it has to be said that its been a different year for everyone, heaps of injurys, teams going worse than usual, gotta say its weird not gettin ready to see colts in playoff football
  15. mmm it seemed as though the pass was still a bit iffy, but the players seem to be having good days, i mean some guys stopped the run well and Lacey has been playing better. certainly seems like he got the right personnel in there at different times, even though hou was going to run the ball alot. Prob have been preparing them better, as they looked like they new what was coming and what to look for to make plays.
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