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  1. I saw this too on nfl.com - great statistic to have handy ;) !
  2. The highlight of my Friday is always Facebook Friday (FF) - and Pat always delivers .. I follow him on Twitter aswell, and he's the same guy on there that he is in FF - just amazingly funny, down to earth, and what seems like a good guy He is quickly becoming my favorite Colts-player
  3. 1. Peyton Manning vs 16. Marshall Faulk 9. Dwight Freeney vs 8. Jim Harbaugh 12. Robert Mathis vs 5. Jeff Saturday 20. Dallas Clark vs 4. Reggie Wayne 22. John Mackey vs 6. Jim Irsay 19. Bert Jones vs 3. Marvin Harrison 10. Edgerrin James vs 7. Tony Dungy 18. Lenny Moore vs 2. Johnny Unitas
  4. 1: Rodgers - Can do it with his feet or his arm, and is looking smarter every year IMO. 2: Older Manning - Brains, accuracy and what have you .. Looking forward to seeing how he's recovering from his surgeries. 3: Brady - Mad respect for what he has done, but he's also getting older ... Has not lost his edge though! 4: Brees - Accuracy at its highest level with this guy - and a creative playcalling to help him out! We'll see how he does without his coach this year .. 5: "Younger" Manning - Personally, I don't like him - but I respect his football-skills. After that I have Rivers, Roethlisberge
  5. Never knew of another Dane on the forums - velkommen til ;) !
  6. I actually fell for this, twice .. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it this morning - and again in the afternoon when I saw it again .. My brain sure is on vacation, and it has taken my memory with it !
  7. Amazing weather in Denmark - gotta love the unpredictable that is our summer !

  8. I see - I retract my statement of his 40-time ! But never the less, 4.34 isn't that bad either
  9. Alright - didn't do a full search on him, I'll admit that But how is this link more reliable than Wikipedia, or any other site for that matter?
  10. Wikipedia says he ran a 4.27 at his pro-day ?
  11. If this guy can stay healthy (big if, but stranger things have happened) I seriously think we have a replacement for Pierre Garcon - similar kinda players, fast, explosive, slightly below average hands, but can make big plays down the field .. I like this pickup (depending on the contract-size of course)!
  12. Just read it on nfl.com - interested in what we gave up for him !?
  13. Alright, I'll play along Total Offense: 23 Rookie QB, rookie HC and not that many weapons on offense .. This could go the completely other way - see Bengals last year, but that might just be a hope .. Total Defense: 14 New scheme on defense, a couple of new guys in there - but seeing as we are moving away from the bend but don't break defense, I'm hoping to see an improvement in time of possession, and in turnovers generated by our defense ! Rushing Offense: 30 I never really like Donald Brown, and seeing as how he's going to be our starting RB, I naturally see us continue to be at the botto
  14. The way I understood tenders was that IF a team wanted to sign Mike Wallace in this case, they would have to give the Steelers a first round draft choice (the last one if they have more than one = Patriots), but if no team signs him to a deal and gives up that pick, he would automatically remain a Steeler on a 1-year deal, with a contract of a certain amount (which I can't remember off of the top of my head) - and then the Steelers would probably resign him to a longer deal I THINK that's how it works .. And then there is a second-round tender, exact same procedure as Wallace's case, but a te
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