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WR help!


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Cannot figure out who to start week 1. Solid WR Core.


Lock Starter:

Dez Bryant


Need to start one guy in this NON PPR league:

Michael Floyd vs. Chargers (this is where I am leaning)

Vincent Jackson vs. Panthers (strongly considering this one too)

Hakeem Nicks vs. Broncos

Randall Cobb vs. Seahawks

Pierre Garcon vs. Texans



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Its tough.


I am going with Garcon.




Because, the Texans pass rush should limit what Djax does best... go deep. QB won't have time to let him run his route. Garcon will probably be the underneath man/bubble screen most of the game. Plus, I expect the score to remain close the entire game limiting the heavy use of Morris. Also, the Texans front 7 should make Morris less of a go to guy...

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