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  1. Any relation to Marie? I love her pie.
  2. Do you use Reddit at all? You might get a wider range of suggestions there. There are ways to get your Colts fix but most of those avenues are frowned upon here. If you want a completely honest avenue to get your Colts fix I would suggest looking into NFL Game Pass, and if you are in the local market, a VPN subscription. If you are out of the Colts local market you should be fine to view all(or most) of their games using only NFL Game Pass. EDIT: 10-year veteran cable cutter speaking.
  3. Not enough of a story for me to have an opinion. There are enough people who will fly off the handle with what is presented at this point in time.
  4. Big Time Muscles Been Training More Best Team Managers Better Time Management Block Then Mock Those are my best guesses... do with them what you will.
  5. I like to think of it more like we won 1 Quentin Nelson and a bunch of draft capital...
  6. When you make that much money you can sign wherever you like. If he wants to keep that money... he needs to play for us. We have a much lower income tax rate than CA or NY. The initial contract signing will net him more money than the other two states even if offered the same compensation. Also, each player in the league is taxed according to the state they are playing in on game days. Having said that, the AFC South is the best division to play in when it comes to state income tax considerations. Indiana is the only state in the division that actually collects income tax. Florida, Tennessee, and Texas have no income tax at all. I certainly hope Norwell is told this by his agent and by the Colts organization until he is blue in the face.
  7. I am going to go out on a limb and say everyone just finished lunch and are on their way back to the office. That includes the players' agents, the players, and some of the faithful tweeters of the world.
  8. If the price is right I am OK with a signing. He is still only 25 years old and most TEs don't hit their stride until they are 26 or 27. It's a rough position to master.
  9. It's all good, brother. Its a fun and crazy time to be a Colts fan. Post to your heart's content!
  10. This rumor/tweet was already posted here 13 hours ago. Mods can we merge the two? As for Incarcerated Bob. He doesn't bring much to the table that we don't already know/suspect. He will throw a curveball every now and then just to keep his followers champing at the bit. Personally, I keep tabs on what he says just for the fun of pure speculation. Even if he is wrong I like to consider the "what ifs." Its why I love this time of the NFL season.
  11. I am all for it. I want to see what we can do in regards to signing Norwell first. If we land him... the next call should be to the Dolphins. If these two things happened I would be completely fine with taking Nelson at 3 or wherever we trade to that is within reason. HNNNG!
  12. Who is the good RB? Crowell is a FA and Duke Johnson is a receiving back... Bills and Browns could make a deal for the first pick but, I just don't see it. Browns have had so many picks lately that I don't see them wanting more picks forcing them to make tough personnel decisions. Anything can happen though. Players being dealt in their deals keeps things interesting.
  13. Where are these Landry threads at? I have heard a bit today but I have no idea what is being said. Landry to the Colts being rumored? Why? How? I MUST KNOW!
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