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  1. Who wants to play Cards Against Humanity with me???

  2. Considering we won most of our games by less than 7 points, I think we need to put most of our efforts into the defense. If we can get some O-line in FA or draft, that is great as well. Colts did well with the O-line in flux each week, so if we can cut down on that with some new faces I think Luck will be fine. Remember, Defense is what Pagano is all about. He is back at the helm and Arians is gone. Our offense will be busy learning a new scheme while our defense goes on to year 2 of continuity. I would love to see our defense start and STAY in the top 15 defenses next season.
  3. Wish I had a member title. :(

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    2. southwest1


      You will receive that membership title eventually MrNLM. "Good things come to those who wait." As my mother always taught me, "patience is a virtue."

    3. shecolt


      @MAC Thanks for looking out for me.

      @MrNLM You don't know me??? I'm crushed. But, yeah, that guy in your avi does give me the creeps.

    4. MrNLM


      Well, shecolt... I noticed you in the chat room on Wednesday night, but that's about it. I suppose I should change my avatar seeing as it causes people to be somewhat annoyed with me... I much too laid back for people to act that way.

  4. Allergies got me down today. :(

    1. MIColtsFan


      me too! my goodness it's bad right now

    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Take my sympathy...fortunately it isn't such bad for me this year, some years are just bummer...

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