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T.Y. Hilton or Ahmad Bradshaw?

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You have to consider a starting RB a better play than a slot WR . However , I can see why some like playing Hilton. With Allen out , there should be a few less 2 TE formations and the Miami D is not a great match up for Bradshaw. But I imagine you are debating who to play in your slash spot and starting RB that should get the goal line carries besides is just a better play than a WR that is not one of the elite ones in the NFL.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I was not really sure where to put it, so if it is in the wrong forum could a mod please move this?


Ok, now onto my question, who is the better fantasy play today in my flex spot, Hilton or Bradshaw?


I'd go Hilton.


Also, this should go in the Fantasy Football forum. Just since you mentioned it.

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