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  1. Pretty much this. Our #2 receiver for a lot of last year was.. Ryan Grant? Chester Rogers? Inman helped out and we can still bring him back if we want.
  2. They would be on long term deals, makes it a lot different.
  3. We have 102 million in cap space and we signed a one year deal. Why do people think overpaying is a big deal? We aren’t going after big names.
  4. I wonder what people were saying about Ebron when Ballard signed him? I’m sure overrated and can’t catch the ball..
  5. https://www.colts.com/video/the-horseshoe-is-back-baby-colts-head-coach-frank-reich-wild-card-wire-up-in-hou My favorite part was the exchange that started with Ebron saying: "Thank you for bringing me here dude, I swear"
  6. Their offense is scary, but I don’t see how their defense can consistently stop our offense. Gonna come down to whether the Colts defense can stop the Chiefs. I’d take our defense over the Chiefs 7 days a week.
  7. They've been celebrating wins all regular season. Was it costing us then? Let the team celebrate, it's clearly not had a negative effect on how they've played.
  8. Desir shut down Hopkins. Tons of respect to him, he was the MVP of the defense today.
  9. They like Mack better as a runner and they like Hines better as a receiver coming out of the backfield.
  10. I don't think the Patriots have always had the most talented team on paper in the league, but what they have had is a solid amount of talent and some of the best coaching. You need talent to win in this league, but coaching matters just as much in my opinion. And as others have said, it's more than just play calling. Game planning and trying to uncover the weaknesses of your opponent and how to expose said weaknesses happen long before you decide on the specific play calling.
  11. He’s got upside as a TE. Very good blocker and moves well.
  12. We essentially traded the #3 pick for Quenton Nelson (pro-bowler as a rookie), Kemoko Turay, Braden Smith (starter and a damn good lineman as a rookie) And a top 35 pick in the draft next season... incredible trade.
  13. Casey being out is a big deal. Hopefully Mack and the running game can gash them. If Mack is running the ball well, our offense is borderline unstoppable.
  14. Walker being out was very noticeable
  15. I think the way we’re playing right now we could beat either, and no doubt I’d love to beat New England more than I’d love to beat Houston.
  16. Would hate to lose him... He's done a hell of a job with this defense this season. I would think a team hiring him as a head coach would be a bit premature at this stage, but who knows.
  17. Just need one of Baltimore or Pittsburgh to lose, and then we control our own destiny. Both of them should lose, but we only need one.
  18. Pretty entertaining video. Favorite part was when Skip said Luck's mechanics are just wonky and don't look good. Sharpe asked if Prescott's mechanics are pretty: "no but they work".... Luck's don't work?
  19. Wrong, the Colts and Texans are both tied with 2 divisional losses right now.
  20. Playoff machine is wrong. If Texans lose 2 out of their final 3, that would give them 5 losses versus common opponents (Giants, Titans, Patriots, and 2 of their final 3). Colts currently have 4 (New England, Jets, Jax, and Philly). Indy's 5th and 6th losses are to Houston and Cincinnati, neither of which count towards common opponent. Not sure why the playoff machine isn't working, but it's bugged.
  21. At this point, I think Pittsburgh may be sitting at home come Playoff time. They could easily lose two more games with how they've looked so far.
  22. @LA is their best bet to lose. Browns are actually solid. Don't sleep on them, they can compete with the way Baker is playing right now. Pittsburgh still has to play against New England and @New Orleans. We need to win out and hope either of those teams lose one more game (which I'd be shocked if they didn't.)
  23. At this point I say just win out. It'll be tough but thats what we need to do. I'd be shocked if win out and get to 10-6 and don't make the playoffs. Odds are Baltimore/Pittsburgh are going to lose one more game combined.
  24. Pittsburgh is gonna lose to Oakland. We've spent so much time talking about Baltimore, it may be Pittsburgh who falls out of the playoffs if we make it.
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