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  1. We’ve got big and physical corners in Wilson, Desir, and Ya-Sin. We really should be using man more, I hope this is the start of a new trend.
  2. Glowinski is the weak link on the OL (and he's not even bad, he's a pretty solid player, it's just he's the weakest of the five imo). If we can find an upgrade at RT and move Smith to RG, that would work. But our offensive line is pretty damn good, if Glowinski is your weak link then you're in good shape.
  3. Hopefully it means less of the soft zone. So glad we went away from that last night.
  4. I bet Devin Funchess would have helped out. Just like I’m sure Darius Leonard and Malik Hooker would’ve been helpful against the KC offense. Injuries are part of the games. Good teams overcome them.
  5. Khari Willis has earned a starting spot, reminds me somewhat of Bob Sanders
  6. Can someone explain that pass interference standing? How in the world was that not overturned?
  7. Banogu needs to step up.. Houston needs to play like he did tonight all season long. Sheard is solid as well.
  8. I talked a lot of trash about Eberflus, Gruden seemingly out coached us last week and we looked lost on defense at times... But wow, what a turn around. We were getting after Mahomes all game, and despite having major injuries to the secondary and to Leonard, we somehow dominated that game along the line on both sides of the ball. Gladly eating mine! Credit to Eberflus for making the necessary adjustments.
  9. How do we go from getting dominated by the Raiders to shutting down the Chiefs?
  10. We need 7 here, cmon Colts. If we score here complete momentum shift.
  11. Change the zone or get pressure on the QB, you can't play our soft zone and not have any pressure on the quarterback.
  12. Pretty sure Ballard would be fine with changing the scheme if the scheme is clearly sucking
  13. We have the better head coach but Eberflus better make adjustments defensively, the soft zone that Atlanta carved up last week didn't look any different the first drive.
  14. Brissett missed Cain wide open in the middle of the field
  15. Soft zone was carved up last week and it's being carved up again, gotta make some adjustments here Eberflus...
  16. Yeah, I decided to sign up for Sunday Ticket and then just cancel it before my free trial ends
  17. Question, I am in Ohio and trying to find a way to stream the game. I'm thinking about picking up Hulu, but i'm not sure if it allows you to stream out of market games or not. Anyone know the best way to stream an out of market game?
  18. We really need someone to step up at WR besides Hilton with Funchess out.
  19. Only concern moving forward is the injury to Hilton, that's Brissett's favorite target and we are already down Funchess. Without those two we have a lot of unproven guys at WR. Hopefully it's nothing long term.
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