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  1. Rivers looks miles above both Dalton and Newton right now.
  2. MAYBE in three weeks. The Lions aren't AWFUL but they're far from a quality team and I would say are worse than Chicago is. Definitely a step up from Jets/Vikings though.
  3. Browns offense is pretty insanely talented. Key is can we stop their run game (with them not having Nick Chubb in all likelihood). I think we have a shot and it will be a big challenge for our defense. I think our D-Line will basically be the deciding factor in this game. If we can limit the run game and get consistent pressure on Baker I like our chances. If we can't, I think they will have too much firepower for us.
  4. Gallup is talented, but Dallas would probably want a quality defensive piece or two and I'm not sure I want to part with that. Just get through week 8 without Pittman and hope he can step up.
  5. I see us maxing out fans wise at about 15,000 fans, assuming everything goes well against Cincinnati.
  6. Considering how good of reviews Eason is getting this isn't surprising to me. Chad Kelly had no future here.
  7. It's REALLY hard to win the TOP battle when you have two pick 6's to be fair. That's four consecutive possessions.
  8. Yep, it's been about 9.5 months since he tore his ACL. Depends on how fast he heals. I'm not surprised he's healthy enough to play, but I am surprised he came in and played *well* right away after missing most of training camp.
  9. I think Campbell and Ya-Sin in particular will both take pretty big sized steps forward, but had a tough time picking between them. Ultimately went with Ya-Sin due to how well he looked in TC but I think Campbell will shine with Rivers too.
  10. What do you expect Pittman's role to be through the first few weeks of the season? Where do you think he sits relative to Pascal/Campbell/Hilton?
  11. I still think you can let quite a few more in. Judging off Indy Eleven when they play at LOS, they were allowing 9-10,000 fans in and there was plenty of room to social distance them. I understand the 2,500 number might be more of a test run to work out the kinks, but it shouldn't be too much of an ask to increase that initial number.
  12. Really don't get the 2,500 fans rule, you'd think they could allow quite a few more in. Not really sure what the point of even allowing fans in at such a small number.
  13. When's Chad Kelly getting cut?
  14. Ideally Rivers can play well this year, bring him back again next year on a one or two year deal, and then hope Eason is ready to take the reigns after that (or draft another QB if we don't feel strongly about Eason). He has one of the best QB's to ever play the position to learn from, so hopefully Rivers can help him develop. There's no future with Chad Kelly here, I know a lot of people really felt like Kelly could beat out Eason but it doesn't sound remotely like that's going to happen.
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