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  1. A 100% Tevi might be slightly better than a 75% Fisher (going based off their careers) but I think the goal is a 75% Fisher is going to be closer to 90% Fisher by the time the playoffs roll around. I don't think anyone is expecting Fisher to be his old self from Day 1, but where he is a few months after returning you'd hope is at a better place than he is when he immediately returns.
  2. I did say *around* 9 months, there are various studies but most of them place the ballpark around there. 10 months is a possibility but from everything I have read on Fisher he's ballparked at August (7 months which I would find hard to believe unless the GM just meant limited practice) to October (which would be about 9 months in his case). Regardless, the Colts very clearly felt good about where his rehab progress is and about his ability to play football in 4-5 months.
  3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214687320300054 They've done studies on it. TL;DR, out of a sample size of 13: 2 failed to recover. Those that recovered had an average time of about 10 months. Now this is a study on basketball players, which requires a lore more movement and planting than an offensive tackle in football would require and is a more common injury in the sport as a result. I would assume the results would be slightly more promising for football lineman.
  4. What recent players have actually taken over a year to return from a torn Achilles? I can't think of any in recent memory. The timeline is pretty consistently around 9 months for guys now.
  5. Dayo is projected back in September/October, not most of the year. There will be a process of easing him back in but he won’t be out for most of the year.
  6. More I was about him the more I think he can basically be a much improved Burton.
  7. Sounds like a guy they’re hoping can be the playmaking tight end Burton wasn’t for us last season. Has drop issues but sounds like if they can fix that this kid has some speed to him.
  8. If you held any other GM to the same standard you did Ballard you wouldn’t be making the same argument. The guy has drafted three true edges in the second round, Tyquan Lewis, Kemoko Turay, and Ben Banogu. Banogu looks like a bust, Lewis had a solidly productive season last year with 4.0 sacks in a reserve role, and Turay was looking great until he suffered a brutal injury so I’m not sure how much of that is even remotely fair to pin on Ballard. Finding true impact Edge rushers is arguably one of, if not the hardest positions to find. No one bats .1000 on edge rushers let alone .500 on them. didn’t you say you were done being a fan? Why are you still here?
  9. Kind of amazing we have the best drafting GM in the league yet a ton of armchair GM’s who know enough to lecture him on his job. Send in your resume if you know better than Ballard because I’m sure about 95% of the league would be falling head over heels to sign you.
  10. Interesting pick but lord knows we needed more defensive end help. Rap was saying teams had first round grades on Odeyingbo, so maybe we could get our long term starters at DE with Paye and Odeyingbo. Also likely won't be ready until late September or into October, but by playoff time he should be contributing quite a bit I would imagine.
  11. Probably, but I would like to see us unleash MAC. He’s far more dynamic in the passing game than Doyle no he’s definitely a solid blocker. see what we have in the guy.
  12. I can’t see the Jets sticking with Darnold unless they really don’t like any of the rookie QB’s. QB is the most important position to get right, I can’t see them passing on Zach Wilson for Darnold.
  13. I’m high on MAC but our staff seems to differ to Doyle who I’m not super high on. He’s not bad but... definitely not a play making TE.
  14. Ah, fair enough. I would love to add Ertz but I don't think I would part with more than a 6th or a 7th to get him. Not sure if the Eagles would actually release him.
  15. The Eagles were apparently asking for a 3rd round pick so those talks went nowhere
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