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  1. BlueCollarColts

    Defensive Outlook

    Defense played well, we got a lot of pressure on Mariota and didn't let an effective run game get going against us.
  2. BlueCollarColts

    The final 6 games

    I don't see a team on our schedule playing better football than us right now. I think 5-1 the rest of the way is fair.
  3. BlueCollarColts

    The final 6 games

    10-6 seems about right, and should be enough to make the playoffs.
  4. BlueCollarColts

    Who will be the next team leader on Defense?

    Darius Leonard
  5. BlueCollarColts

    Mack appreciation thread

    Mack is a stud, outside and between the tackles today it didn’t matter he found success. We just need him to stay healthy. He adds a new dimension to this offense and takes pressure off Luck.
  6. BlueCollarColts

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Lets give Mike Mitchell some props. He's been a stud through his first two weeks here.
  7. BlueCollarColts

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Turay with the strip sack!
  8. BlueCollarColts

    Dropped Passes

    I will say this though... I liked Pascal a lot. I thought he filled in well for Hilton and made several big plays and got open.
  9. BlueCollarColts

    Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

    Tthis is pathetic, Reich needs to start being questioned because this is just clearly a very poor gameplan.
  10. BlueCollarColts

    Bad Game Plan. Offense Looks Gruesome!

    Way too many dropped passes, and we've gifted them 14 points off turnovers. Unacceptable.
  11. BlueCollarColts

    Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

    Really, really good opening drive.
  12. BlueCollarColts

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    Shout out Turay too... ended up with 1.5 sacks today, his first sack as an NFL player.
  13. BlueCollarColts

    We played a hell of a game

    Darius Leonard is an absolute monster on defense. The defense is good, the offense NEEDS to pick it up though. Luck needs more weapons, but I'm sure Doyle being out on that front hurt today. Luck struggled and we had some killer penalties, and drops on possible touchdowns. Just too many mistakes.
  14. BlueCollarColts

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    There NEEDS to be more deep stuff. I'm fine with the dink and dunk, but that can't be what you exclusively run and it's what we tried to do this game. Also HATED lining Luck up under center on that 4th and goal.
  15. BlueCollarColts

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Is our defense aware you're allowed to pass to the tight end? We seem to think the tight end doesn't count