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  1. BlueCollarColts

    Eric Ebron

    Ebron is a receiving tight end. I think he'll have a really good year for us in that role.
  2. BlueCollarColts

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Sounds like Fountain looks good.
  3. BlueCollarColts

    Projected Colts Starters

    Mewhort could also get kicked out to RT with Smith being plugged in at RG. That seems like the best way to get your best lineman on the field.
  4. BlueCollarColts

    Projected Colts Starters

    Disagree on the Smith part. I think he's an automatic starter.
  5. BlueCollarColts

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    Will probably be mostly used as a receiving back in year 1, as others have said you could split him out wide in the slot a bit too.
  6. BlueCollarColts

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    Nyheim Hines*
  7. WR roster is very, very questionable right now. Hilton is good, Chester and Grant are question marks. I do think Ebron will basically be used as another WR though, and I think he'll have a good year.
  8. BlueCollarColts

    What did we just do

    Hell even IF Mewhort stays healthy, you can slide Smith out to RT. Costanzo/Nelson/Kelly/Mewhort/Smith Potential to be the best O-Line we've had in forever. Certainly since Luck has been here.
  9. BlueCollarColts

    What did we just do

    He's probably instantly our best cover LB. His biggest weakness is he's kind of undersized. He's a day 1 starter as a sideline to sideline LB.
  10. BlueCollarColts

    Where is the help at CB, RB, and WR?

    Maybe the staff believes in Mack. He certainly showed flashes last year.
  11. I think Lewis/Tiras/Basham are gonna have to compete. Basham has proven nothing.
  12. ESPN said he would be a RT, but who knows.
  13. Doubtful on Leonard, maybe Smith? Didn't see a ton of talk about him. He was a 1st team All-American though so who knows.
  14. Leonard and Smith are probably instant starters here.
  15. Costanzo had a pretty damn good year last year. The Costanzo/Nelson/Kelly is really, really good. Question is the right side of the line. Hopefully Mewhort can get healthy, and we can let Goode/Clark battle for RT.