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  1. Ya-Sin was starting for Wilson, FYI, found that interesting.
  2. The overreactions from a practice on this board are hilarious sometimes. It's practice.
  3. Does Campbell come in and take over slot duties (or at least split time with Hilton there)? Seems like his speed could be extremely helpful for us in the slot.
  4. Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Rogers... Some nice depth for us at WR now.
  5. If Ballard thinks its the right pick, then I'm not calling him a reach. He's more than earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the draft.
  6. Pretty much this. Our #2 receiver for a lot of last year was.. Ryan Grant? Chester Rogers? Inman helped out and we can still bring him back if we want.
  7. They would be on long term deals, makes it a lot different.
  8. We have 102 million in cap space and we signed a one year deal. Why do people think overpaying is a big deal? We aren’t going after big names.
  9. I wonder what people were saying about Ebron when Ballard signed him? I’m sure overrated and can’t catch the ball..
  10. I don't think the Patriots have always had the most talented team on paper in the league, but what they have had is a solid amount of talent and some of the best coaching. You need talent to win in this league, but coaching matters just as much in my opinion. And as others have said, it's more than just play calling. Game planning and trying to uncover the weaknesses of your opponent and how to expose said weaknesses happen long before you decide on the specific play calling.
  11. I liked them, I wouldn't mind seeing us bust out a blue helmet either. I always thought a blue helmet/white jersey/blue pants would be a cool road look. Definitely would like to see us keep using the blue pants at points throughout the season.
  12. Doubtful on Leonard, maybe Smith? Didn't see a ton of talk about him. He was a 1st team All-American though so who knows.
  13. Ugh, I have to wait a whole extra day for Colts football?!?!?!?

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