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  1. Grigson just keeps on getting it done! I'm more excited about the Nicks move than I thought I potentially would be. One 'prove it' year makes a lot of sense for both parties.

    1. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Let's hope he proves it and more...his oven mitt hands and lucks passes will soon be acquainted

  2. Very sad to see Bethea leave but I couldn't be happier with the rest of FA so far. SO excited to see Jones up front for us!

  3. Yeah Grigson! You didn't even sign two relatively high profile free agent linemen during the offseason and didn't even draft two more! Why are you ignoring the O-Line?!
  4. Hughes had 10 sacks for Buffalo. What he did on a different team is irrelevant. Mathis led the league in sacks all year. We had no need for Hughes while we had a gaping hole at ILB next to Freeman. Sheppard didn't prove himself to be the answer but what more could Hughes have contributed?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Americolts!

    1. Nadine


      thanks! You too (even if you don't eat turkey)

    2. Captain Americolt
  6. Christian Ponder was heroic last night!

  7. Talks of a Josh Gordon trade poised to reemerge after Wayne injury?

    1. Andy


      He better hurry if he's going to do anything, the trade deadline is almost here.

  8. After losing Julio Jones to season ending foot surgery, I picked up both Percy Harvin and Michael Crabtree last week. Risky business, let's hope it pays off!

  9. 43 points up and only Andrew Luck left to play for my opponent. Perfect fantasy scenario for me. Luck can play well and lead the Colts to victory tonight without securing my opponent's victory. And if he does somehow get 43 fantasy points, then I can revel in the Colts decimation of the Chargers. Win win!

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    2. CR91


      Down 27 with luck and Adam left.

    3. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      You have a good chance I think coltsrule91.

    4. CR91


      heres hoping

  10. Megatron cleared to play and WILL start. Do I leave Cam Newton in or give Matthew Stafford a last minute call up?

    1. Synthetic


      Win Win they both had monster games today and won

    2. Insert Colts Pun Here

      Insert Colts Pun Here

      I stuck with Cam and I'm mighty glad about it.

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