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  1. Pretty much this. I love Bethea, probably more than most, but I think it was time for him to move on. He and Landry were too similar and Landry just makes more sense long term. I hope he does well in San Fran.
  2. I'm disappointed because this almost certainly means no Alex Mack, but I'm kinda excited too. I want to find out what Grigson sees in Holmes that's allowed him to pass the other centers available.
  3. We only really need an upgrade at center. Thomas is coming back and Thornton is decent, at least, and Costa has been brought in to provide depth. I'd love to see us bring in a center but that's looking less and less likely. With Mack, BDLP, EDS, and Goodwin all available this offseason, and Grigson not even visiting with any of them, that probably tells you that Holmes is further along than we all think. I can't imagine we'd go the entire off-season without signing a center considering the amount of cap space we have, and when there are so many available, if Grigson thought Holmes couldn't handle the job. Of course, if next season rolls around and we find out that Holmes is no better than Satele, then I will lose a fair amount of respect for Grigson, having failed to sufficiently address the O-Line for straight seasons with cap money available when it's so obvious that it needs an upgrade. However, that's not yet the case. And it's not like moves haven't been made, we just haven't signed a high-profile FA. I'd classify signing Thomas, Thornton, Holmes and Costa, as well as dropping Satele and McGlynn, as efforts to improve the O-Line. If and when those efforts fail, I'll question Grigson's judgement. Until then, I'll continue to have faith in him.
  4. I think that was the point of the original comment. He was implying that the Texans signing Fitz is like us signing Hasselbeck, because he's clearly a back up. It wasn't sarcasm exactly, just a rhetorical question. Personally, I don't think that this signing tells us very much. I think that the Texans will either draft Clowney and start Keenum, or draft a QB and start him. In either scenario, Fitz is the back up, so his signing seems fairly inconsequential.
  5. I'm with ya, man! I love the way the roster looks right now. Like you said, there are still a couple of areas that could do with an upgrade but we've got exciting and talented players at every position. There are a lot of people within the Organisation right now that are doing a great job. Can't wait for the season to start!
  6. Look at the team he was on. Peyton Manning wouldn't have thrown double digit TDs on that offence! Go back and watch him tear us apart. Edit: I guess I should qualify my statement somewhat by saying that he looked good at times.
  7. Pryor looked good last season... And the Raiders have had an AWFUL off-season so far! Am I just getting trolled super hard in this thread?!
  8. So they tag him because they don't know how to value their own players? Making an offer wouldn't be "playing into their hands". They're probably going to end up with Mack either way. We have zero chance of getting him if we don't make an offer, and his salary is irrelevant unless he's actually on our team.
  9. Good to see! I think 100% of ColtsNation is behind Jim, just like we were all behind Chuck. I sincerely hope that they can provide him with the help he needs and that he can get back to doing what he loves soon. Get well soon Jimbo!
  10. You explicitly suggested that we should make a big signing to shift the attention from Irsay to that signing. That should never be a reason to sign a player. Whether it's the primary reason or otherwise.
  11. This isn't the reason to sign Mack. We need to sign him because he's the best center available to us right now. Not because it might distract everyone from any perceived problem that Jim Irsay has.
  12. I imagine he'd still be able to call or something though, right? Or they'd just sort it before he left. It's not like they won't have already had a conversation about any potential high priced signings that they may potentially be interested in. I don't see a suspension causing a lot of trouble in that regard. I'm just conveying the reasons that were given on Mike and Mike. But I guess every precedent has to be set at some point.
  13. The argument was that, if a player was to find themselves in a similar situation then they would likely be suspended. Similarly, Sean Payton was suspended for the bounty-gate debacle. These punishments not only hurt the player but hurt the team as well, since they were without one of their players or coaches. Therefore, it may be considered unfair if Irsay was simply to receive a fine, or maybe a suspension, because this doesn't really affect the team in any way. One way to punish both Irsay and the team would be to take away draft picks.
  14. I guess they just keep doing poorly for the next couple of years and try to squeeze as much out of the draft as possible. They have one or two decent young players, a QB most importantly, so it's not ludicrous to think that a couple of high first rounders could start to turn things around for them. In terms of FA though, it just seems like such a gross organisation. The laughable front office, the manky old stadium, the fans, the uniforms. Everything about them just seems undesirable. I'm not surprised nobody wants to go there.
  15. I can see Denver beating everyone except Seattle in that division. And, let's be honest, they certainly have the weapons to beat Seattle on their day. I see them going 3-1. With that said, I'd much rather have the NFC East.
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