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Sproles or Fred Jackson for FLEX?


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This is a tough one for the FLEX:

Sproles coming off possible knee issue news has potential in the return game front, receiving front, and rushing front and is playing at home.

Then, Fred Jackson of the Bills going against the Jets on the road where the Jets will give the Bills ample possessions due to their inept offense thus guaranteeing Fred Jackson a lot of touches.

I am leaning towards Sproles right now. Should I stick with it?

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You helped me, so I help you :)

Personally I would roll with Sproles, one thing to take into account is Fred Jackson is 31, and coming off of a long off-season, only put up 89 yards and a fumble vs the Jets last time he played them.

Sproles is a favorite target of Brees so he would steal the show in the passing game as well.

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I like Sproles but I am scared of how much he will be spelled for Ingram or any other back inNew Orleans. It seems that New Orleans, Washington and New England have the most hard to start RB's than any other team in the NFL.

If it was me I would go with Jackson and hope that he does what he did last year. Fred Jackson has outstanding talent and I wondered why Buffalo even drafted C. J. Spiller when they had him on the team. If he stays healthy he is my choice but keep Sproles for BYE week and injury week fill-ins.

Of course if he plays well (Sproles) you always have trade bait.

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