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  1. ... need a vision for our defense ... This is an important statement! It appears that our defensive vision has always been let the QB get a lead and then send the DE's to sack the QB. It worked in the regular season with Peyton Manning but failed miserably in post-season. We are repeating this with Andrew Luck. What happens when we can't get a lead? What happens when the other team has a pretty darn good defense? What happens when your QB is having a bad day in the post season. Defense wins championships! Our defensive vision needs to include this. GO COLTS!
  2. I hope Hodge is right about TRich. I was pretty high on the trade when it happened and was sorely disappointed in him as many fans were.
  3. These are some big dudes. Never heard of any of them so had to look them up. Saw that the NFL got Ulrick John's name backwards (John Ulrick). I hope at least one of these guys turns out to be a long term solution for protecting Luck. GO COLTS!
  4. Loved the video. "half a heart beat" ... you gotta be kidding me Merrill! Anybody that is "NFL ready" and "the next Peyton Manning" will cause you to stop and seriously think about drafting this person. If you took half a heartbeat and decided that RGIII should have been the number 1 pick over Andrew Luck then you are a fool. Now I don't honestly think that Merrill Hoge is a fool. This was more of sports media continuing to create controversy, chaos and anything else that will keep people tuning in. The Colts chose correctly and so far it has proven out. GO COLTS!
  5. He'll be better next season but probably not number 1 pick better. I am hoping that coaching will improve his game. Donald Brown wasn't a stud over night. There are many on here including me that thought Brown should not have been our number 1 pick. I'm glad we had him this year. GO COLTS!
  6. I probably put it a little too strong ... still hurting from last night. Defenses have to be "pretty good". The high powered offenses will kill poor defenses. We have to get better on defense though.
  7. Defense wins championships ... always has ... always will! Colts fans have been asking for a run defense forever and we are not there yet. I believe that we need to fix the defense before all else. Our offense will be fine with Andrew Luck. He needs experience to be able to win playoff games with very little receiving help. The running game has rarely every been solid that I can recall and the Colts have been very good to great without it. Last night was so disappointing. It looked like New England could have thrown the ball more but chose to run it down our throats. 3rd year is the
  8. Don't want to choose between the two but if I did ... it would be Freeney because of that spin move.
  9. I beg to differ ... I thought it was a big shot a Peyton when I heard it this morning for the first time. After some time and listening to Irsay's comments this afternoon, I think the shot was small (more of a tweak) but it was still a shot. It was poor timing and just adds to a media circus that was bound to happen. I have already seen many comments about those of us that think it was a shot ... delusional, biased, etc. It is possible to come away from reading the comments and believe it was a shot at Peyton. I did ... and I am not delusional. I am biased because I rooted for Peyton fo
  10. My opinion, Hilton might make a #1 receiver but not a great #1 receiver. Rogers is the only other reciever on the team that I think could be great and I have my doubts about him. Chances are our Reggie replacement is still to be drafted. Here's hoping Reggie sticks around a few more years.
  11. Brought back some memories. Da'rick handles the ball well in traffic and after contact. He didn't fumble the ball after getting multiple hits and even dragged some defenders for extra yards. If we can get this out of him ....
  12. As a Tennessee fan, I have some serious heart burn about Da'rick Rogers so may not be the best qualified to discuss him. He's big and physical and has obvious talent which I wish Tennessee had for 4 years. He took plays off and some analyst say that this was only when he wasn't the primary target. Regardless, he took plays off. His off field incidents and subsequent pouting turned the fans off. If the Colts can motivate Rogers to bring his talent to the field, especially across the middle, we may have something. Here's hoping Da'rick turns out to be a good pickup for the Colts.
  13. I don't have a problem with "doing it differently" because "not having a defense" and not having some semblance of a running game produced only 1 Super Bowl ring during the Manning era. Getting Trent Richardson may get us a balanced offense that was severely lacking for years. Hopefully, you don't think getting Richardson was knee jerky. I call it Christmas. Now we need to work on the offense line and the defense. I'm not ready to give up on Grigson yet. GO COLTS
  14. Maybe the curse was lifted ... Trent Richardson
  15. Just told my wife the exact same thing. I prefaced it with 1st round bust Donald Brown. GO COLTS
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