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  1. Peyton Manning was a huge part of the Colts and I will certainly be watching him wherever he goes. However, I can't see myself NOT watching the Colts. I have been watching the Colts now for 15 years ... yes ... Peyton brought me to the Colts but I can't conceive of missing televised Colts games. Hope you will change your mind. The Colts are in for some exciting times in the next few years. GO COLTS!
  2. Reading up on the Baltimore hybrid 3-4 makes me think that Pagano would like a Mathis or Freeney as the hybrid lineman. In order for a 3-4 to work effectively, you have to have an above average nose tackle. We don't have one of those yet. It may be that the Colts have to revert back to the 4-3 until the defensive lineman show that they can hold there own in a 3-4. If we are in a 4-3, then I want Mathis and Freeney speed rushing the ends. GO COLTS!
  3. If Peyton comes back, then Jeff is needed to direct the offensive line when Peyton is calling the plays. I don't think we should keep him if Andrew Luck is under center on day one. Andrew needs to begin working with the guy that will be snapping the ball to him for years to come. GO COLTS!
  4. The top free agent cornerbacks are Brent Grimes, Cortland Finnegan, Brandon Carr, Carlos Rogers and LaDarius Webb (restricted) depending upon who you listen too. All of these will want to get paid big; Carlos Rogers may not get it because he is 31. If we dump Lacey, then we may have to go out and get old, previously hurt or both. My thoughts are to dump Lacey and take a chance on someone else. However, I do not want someone that will need a cover two to "cover" up his mistakes. GO COLTS!
  5. This is good news. The more I here about the defense, the better. GO COLTS!
  6. The few analyst that made a case for Eli being the better Manning either have lost their minds or were paid to make statements that would bring ratings/viewers, even ticked off viewers. The latter is most likely the case. I just can't believe that anyone actually thinks Eli is the better Manning. (Maybe Jamie Dukes does ... he's lost his mind!) Tony Dungy was brought in to make the defense better. It is debatable whether he did this. The Tampa 2 made the pass defense better but the run defense was generally horrible. In my opinion, the defense did not get better and certainly not to the extent needed for a championship. Football is a team sport and I don't know of one Super Bowl winning team that had a consistently poor defense ... except for the Colts (I think)!
  7. As much as I like BOTH Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney; I believe that Mathis has expressed excitement about the new defensive coaches and Freeney has not. If the Colts do go to a 3-4, I don't know if Freeney or Mathis can play a linebacker position. However, excitement about the coaching staff says a lot. Keep Mathis!
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