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Victor Cruz ? thoughts

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#41 Larry Horseman

Larry Horseman
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:05 PM

All the Cruz hate is interesting. You all realize he was basically their #1 WR all season because Nicks wasn't healthy. Did anyone actually watch Giants games? The kid's a stud. The Colts won't and shouldn't sign him though.

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#42 coltsfanatic24

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:07 PM

No we would have to give up a 1st round pick.

#43 unitaswestand

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:13 PM

I don't know why we would consider high priced skilled position free agents.  We have WRs and capable RBs.  It is Olinemen, DLinemen, and cornerbacks we need.  So I would definitely pass.

#44 ÅÐØNϧ 1

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:47 PM

I'm not sure how you are figuring this. I see different target/drop numbers from profootballfocus. Also drop rate is figured on catchable balls not targets. Avery and TY both had drop rates over 16. They had the top two worst rates in the league for WRs with at leat 40 catchable balls. In comparison, Calvin's was just over 10.


After further review I may have been a lil harsh .



                                        NFL Leaders



Pass Dropped

Rank Player Team Stats 1 Jimmy Graham NO 13 2t Victor Cruz NYG 10 2t Calvin Johnson Det 10 2t Brandon Marshall Chi 10 2t Demaryius Thomas Den 10 6t Dez Bryant Dal 9 6t Randall Cobb GB 9 6t A.J. Green Cin 9 6t Denarius Moore Oak 9 6t Wes Welker NE 9 11t Julio Jones Atl 8 11t Doug Martin TB 8 11t Brandon Pettigrew Det 8 11t Andre Roberts Ari 8 11t Reggie Wayne Ind 8 16t Donnie Avery Ind 7 16t Brent Celek Phi 7 16t Eric Decker Den 7 16t Jermichael Finley GB 7 16t T.J. Graham Buf 7 16t Aaron Hernandez NE 7 16t Stevie Johnson Buf 7 16t Brandon Myers Oak 7 16t Cecil Shorts Jac 7 16t Delanie Walker SF 7
Hørše Šen§e ¡š ╪hé th¡ñg á hørše håš wh¡çh kΣËpŠ ¡t frΦM ße╪t¡Ñg Φn P£Ôp¿e .
WÇ. F¡éldš

#45 ColtJ82

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 01:28 PM

I must admit, I am really surprised at the number of folks suggesting on this board from time to time that we are in need of veteran receivers that blow out the bank. As soon as Luck really gets up to speed in the off-season with our two new Marvin Harrisons (Hilton and Brazil) - and they both get rid of the rookie "dropsies" (which they will) - along with Reggie and the tight ends I think we are stacked. Haven't even mentioned the brut of a WR just signed and the interesting corps of talented and speedy back ups waiting in the wings. It's all about route running and learning (like Reggie has) how to get open.


Not sure Avery makes the cut - his dropsies were way too frequent for a more or less veteran player. 


Save the money. Put it into Offensive Line and on the Defensive side of the ball.  Get that Pagano D up to Ravens standards so we can be sitting where they are next year.


Comment as you see fit....



Ding Ding Ding!! A good quarterback makes the receiving corp. play like they are more talented than they are. Peyton Manning made Blair White look like a freaking pro-bowler at times. 

#46 Larry Horseman

Larry Horseman
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 01:52 PM

After further review I may have been a lil harsh .



Big difference between # of drops and drop rate. 

#47 deedub75

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 02:50 PM

What is all the WR via FA talk? I understand that Reggie is winding down, but I would still rather find his replacement in the draft so we can have him on the cheap for four years. I know the draft is a crap-shoot, but I just don't see us investing the money is a big name FA WR. I am sure Reggie would be thrilled to be making considerably less than the guy opposite of him (who Reggie will probably out-perform).


Not knocking the OP, but WR seems to be on everyone's FA wish list. (at least Wallace (blah), Bowe (semi-blah), and now Cruz (would have rather kept Garcon for the money).


I not saying we should even attempt to get Cruz but I have not problem with the Colts continually trying to get better at WR.  We thought we were set at WR during Manning's last season and just about every one of them went down with injury.  Get as many good horses in the stable as you can't get.   

"I have 3 kids and no money. Why can't I have 3 money and no kids?" - Homer Simpson

#48 Pombi9

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 04:09 PM

Avery had 7 drops the whole season, thats not many, for comparison sake Hilton had 6 and Wayne had 10 neither are that many once you see how many balls were thrown at them
Wayne-195 targets 10 drops (19.5 drop percentage)
Hilton-90 Targets 6 drops (15 percent drop percentage)
Avery-124 targets catch percentage 7 drops (17.7 drop percentage) 
For comparison Calvin Johnson was targeted 204 times and had 11 drops (18.5 percent dropped)

"Dependable" means way, way more than drops....

Also you can't just come on here and post fake stats to make your argument valid,

"Donnie Avery dropped 12 of 72 catchable passes this season, tying teammate T.Y. Hilton for the worst drop rate among NFL wideouts in 2012."


Mine has a link. How about your stats?

Jeeze who cheats in a online forum discussion? Did you even watch Donnie Avery this season? Did you honestly expect this forum to believe he only had 7 drops?

#49 achcolts

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 08:25 PM

nope not worth his $$


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