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  1. It is And I would do it for a lot less a measly million or 2 will do ..
  2. A V IMO did not live up to his own standards finishing up last season & it has carried over to this season he knows it & so does anyone watching it was hard to watch these first 2 games I expect him too retire this week . He has been a great asset in the kicking game that is nolonger the case the Colts were lucky to get out of Nashville with a win . Happy Trails Vinatieri we appreciate all you have done as a COLT .
  3. I Always expect to Win . This year for the first time that I can remember we actually have a DEFENSE & Offensively this team will IMHO surprise many . Jim Harbaugh & the Cardiac Colts showed us many seasons ago a Superbowl can be a possibility given the receiver can pull in a Hail Mary . Offense & 18 & then 12 carried the weight on the Colts world on there collective shoulders now we will see not the Offense that draws crowds but a Defense & each week this team will I certainly hope get better . I think of Jim Mora when I hear the word PLAYOFFS to early for that ..
  4. I called Knoxville earlier talking smack to family who are Titans fans assuring them life will go on just fine after there loss today . Lets cross our collective thumbs that A V's problems last week were a mirage ..
  5. A V especially if he repeats last weeks performance 18 was the Sheriff A V looked like the guy who could'nt shoot straight ;
  6. The Executive of the Year who failed . Ryan Grigson gets my vote . Had he done his job this thread would be all about Luck now its the lack of .
  7. I was shocked when watching the game & I heard the news . I read many of the posts in this thread I'll not judge your responses . We are Colts Fans - FANATICS some more than others we some of us live & breath the Blue ' I lived on the West Side when my Colts decided to come to Indy walked to the games at the Hoosier Dome many tough seasons Captain ComeBack & our Cardiac Colts & then 18 followed up by Andrew Luck who I always felt from day 1 was the next coming of the Greatest INDIANAPOLIS QUARTERBACK TO EVER LACE UP FOR SUNDAY . Luck was Big & Strong & did'nt run like a penguin this dude is IMHO just the guy we needed not frail like RG3 easy choice made RYAN GRIGSON executive of the year . But this former O -lineman failed to protect the franchise , While 12's first 3 years he looked like Superman running & flying thru the air making plays winning games by shear force of will he was MENTALLY strong but those early years were more harmful than any realized the constant abuse with a GM & HC who failed this our number 1 pick the face of the franchise was rode hard & put up wet . Out ward appearance is he is big & strong whats the problem ? Mental Toughness the thing that helped Peyton Manning have a second bite at the apple it for me once again reminds me 18 was successful in 2 different Cities when given the protection & running game while the Colts failed the Broncos won a Lombardi the Colts set up this failure &' The BOO's IMO are deserved & should be reserved for RYAN GRIGSON the worst GM in NFL history . Plus IMO the Team you new there was a problem yet we the fans were kept in the dark it was always a physical issue the mental thing came outta no wheres & led up to what I can only describe as a debacle & LOS . Honestly if he was'nt Mentally disturbed before by his painful experience here in Indy before he sure is now IMO for him accepting failure is not easy he failed his own expectations he was never a quitter ever in life he came to a decision as a man that was what was best for him & his future football is a brutal game that has lasting effects that we fans will never experience & maybe want to refresh there memory in regards to the truly offensive lines that were supposed to protect 12. We watched 18 & 12 take way to much abuse as a Colt QB luckily enough we now have Ballard he has worked very hard he has turned this team around the Colts defense - offensive line & running game are now strengths instead of weakness ' I thought this year was gonna be big with Andrew Luck at the helm I will miss him . I don't possess crystal balls so I can't see the future good or bad , I Still Believe in the Blue & more than ever I Believe In Ballard & Reich that loss should have been a WIN in L.A so next man up ' Happy Trails 12 please forgive my friends we love you & hope nothing but the best for you & your young family life is short my brother family first big daddy ,
  8. I beg to differ the Mayflowers are reserved for moving teams trying to escape a squalid stadium & rat infested City who try to steal a whole team that is my definition of no place I'd want to be . In fact its hilarious how petty some still appear to be I guess stealing the Colts Baltimoe Lombardi isn't enough still beating a dead horse . I'm positive when compared The Colts Lombardi versus The Ravens Lombardi sitting side by side the the Colts will always be number 1 which is the funniest thing of all IMHO the Indianapolis Colts have what they could'nt get in there prior home a real fan base willing to work with the team . While the jilted bride moved on to actually steal someone elses team those in glass houses should not throw stones .
  9. The offense is really taking shape Chris Ballard has filled holes & added quality depth .
  10. Not when they play the Patriots .
  11. His problems are shared by many & without a doubt he is a much better man . According to what I have read & seen this is true however that perspective is a Baltimore Colts fans general opinion . In Indy Bob Irsay is the man that gave us the Colts for that he gets a attaboy..
  12. Been a Colts fan since the Mayflowers rolled into town the COLTS as a franchise has had many GM's & Coaches who in turn brought in ,Players whose qualities on the field & in the community have and continue to be exemplary . While there have been some who could not live up to expectations both on & off the field most do its the Ownership that IMO deserves a lot of credit . The Irsay family has done a great job in Indianapolis as a student of history & in particular the events that led the Colts to the Hoosier Dome & now LOS the Captain of the ship Jim Irsay gets an attaboy IMHO teams are a representation of the owner & our owner has hired a great group of football people who have proven to be over achievers & motivators & now 12 has protection a running game and a defense this season can't come soon enough .
  13. Many here probably could of done as well he was entertaining & yes pretty nerdy .
  14. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/video/daniel-jeremiah-breaks-down-temple-cb-rock-ya-sin Daniel Jeremiahs thoughts on the Rock.
  15. He is a 2 time wrestling champ he brings a tough guy mentality that should be fun to watch .
  16. I was here maybe 10 minutes & suddenly needing to sign in again & the new password that i had just made would not work I trieded copy & paste my adonis1 exactly as is & my password as well as my e-mail & password so I just created another password & will cross my fingers hoping for good luck
  17. I use my e-mail I use google as I did with my last computer & I have a brand new HP with the newest version of windows I still have to create a new password each time I visit I never once had any issues in the past , I enter the new password & it invalid I have online banking & many other sites I visit no problems what so ever but this site has become much harder to sign on too can someone just assign me a new password & e-mail it to me in case I'm the problem , This site is something I enjoyed for years but recently visiting here has gotten to be a real pain in the rear .
  18. I might be impressed if i did'nt have to create a new password every single time i'v visited i'm in the twenties now every since i got this new computer signing in here has become a problem & its only on this site the issue exists ;
  19. I missed out on that thread but I read your posts I'v seen almost every drug out there since the 70's & The most destructive are Heroin - PCP - Cocaine  ,- Pot is nothing like the others it doe'nt kill people .


    There are 2 types of people who smoke the left handers & some of us are from L.A .

    We don't stop smoking just because we move to a midwest state we continue for the same reason as when we were in Cali its not a big deal . Its just uniformed reefer madness .


    And it actually calms my aggressive behavior IMO it saves lives & I'm not joking hoosiers are quick to cut you off flip you off or just mess with people until you jump on them then its like why you messing with me .


    I have drug many from there cars or did pit manuevers & paid for others vehicles when I only drank & that is why I quit lawyers get expensive. 


    I 'd rather have a guy smoking - worst case scenario he'll want some twinkies & something to drink but generally harmless after that like you said there lazy .

    1. DougDew


      Thanks for the reply.  My point was to not into a discussion about drugs, the morality, or political positions on the matter.  Enough of the forum does that already.


      I may be totally wrong, but when choosing to employ one of two people, and the first likes to recreate by taking a stimulant to help him stay energetic on the weekends, and the second guy likes to lay down and stone out to Pink Floyd then fall asleep, I simply trust the 1st guy to put more effort into his work when sober than the second guy.  Just two different mindsets, IMO.  In a nonfootball job, I think the first guy would be more likely to meet a deadline, a sales goal, or a production quota.  That is just a narrow point I was trying to make, and why I wouldn't cut Newsome much slack....even though I understand pot is not that big of a deal as far as drugs go.

  20. Hi Nadine 


    I started a thread meant for the Colts thread but I posted in General could you move thread please .


    Greatest games of the 90 's 

                          Thank you

    1. Nadine


      I moved it.  FYI, the fasted way to get a thread moved is to report it and ask the mod team to move it

    2. ÅÐØNϧ 1

      ÅÐØNϧ 1

      I will in the future if that comes up .


      Thank You 

  21. 2 positions we absolutely do not need to waste a draft pick on are obvious TE & QB .
  22. The past & future 18 & 12 . The changing of the guard & Peyton Manning as classy as ever nice pic.
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