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  1. They were going to see where he fit best Sounds like a plan .
  2. Reality looks much more Obvious in hind sight than in foresight. People who experience Hindsight Bias misapply current Hindsight to past Foresight . They perceive events that occurred to have been more predictable before the fact than was actually the case . We have seen tape of Wentz doing really good in a Frank Reich offense & the Coach & Chris Ballard believes in him something he did not have in Philly . I look forward to the start of the season so we can live in the here & now we can then evaluate the off season moves with common sense .
  3. George Taliaferro I read his story it was awesome he became in instant favorite for me I really liked the Eraser Bob Sanders along with Freeney & Mathis . https://www.colts.com/news/george-taliaferro-pioneer-nfl-figure-and-former-colt-dies-at-91
  4. I just read this Polians thoughts on the subject very good read . I questioned the decision at the time now I understand it , http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/throwback/201411/bill-polian-game-plan-building-winning-football-nfl-colts-bills-carucci
  5. Its raining stupid up in here where's my dumbrella .
  6. They stay in Baltimore so i’d only be an hour and a half away and could attend every game. You still have a team in Baltimore & there still an hour & a half away . I have heard many Baltimore fans whining over the years it is old .
  7. You can thank the Politicians & cheap skates who voted against the Colts who needed a better place to play & then the threat of imminent domain did'nt help either . Art Modell gave you the Cleveland Browns team & front office & was given what apparently the Colts did'nt deserve , Hind sight being 20 20 maybe the people of Baltimore & Politicians should have appreciated the home team in any case thank you Baltimore for being so cheap . Its about time Baltimore moved on you got the Ravens & the Baltimore Colts are never more . Thank You
  8. I really like Pascal I can't wait to see him playing with Wentz .
  9. There has only been 1 franchise in 2 cities .
  10. Yeah I agree its like betting on a QB in the 6th round to breakout & become the G.O.A.T its not a smart idea . Tom Brady & the Patriots & Buccaneers proved you wrong before you even posted .
  11. I actually taped the entire game after the fact I watched his LT allow the defender nail Carson Wentz & was impressed greatly with Phily's # 13 Travis Fulgram he & Wentz connected & as the game went on to get very close that run by Miles Sanders was huge . I was concerned when I noticed that Wentz started to remind me of Andrew Luck I would prefer not to see my QB running with the ball it rarely ends well . There running game & receivers available in that game were doomed to fail. Wentz will do much better here in Indy the team & coaches are just what he needs to be succes
  12. Sounds like your talking about the Texans . As a Colts fan I'v read many stupid posts on this site over the years this being the stupidest of all .
  13. I have watched him throw some it is a fact he can throw better than Old Man Rivers watched him throwing against Pittsburgh last night game 5 in 2020 he made very good throws maybe you need to look at more than opinions .
  14. If I believed everything I read online I might agree with you however I caught the end of the week 5 game versus the Steelers on the NFL Network last night towards the end of the 3'rd quarter till the end while the team did lose he made some great plays to get his team into position to win . IMO the coach Pederson calling out the punter to kick a 57 yard field goal was stupid only being down 2 points , They needed 5 yrds for a first down , It ended up a loss . Wentz gets the blame but it IMO if you had seen how he was playing your opinion might actually be worth something . I reali
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