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  1. So S n o w F l a k e s deserves an asterisk ? How moronic .
  2. Been to many games over the years I have never been told to sit down or shut up if I had the cussing would have been loud & clear back off * . I stopped going to games I prefer to watch them on T.V they'v sucked since 12 wimped out .
  3. I watched games from last season & Travis Fulgham looked pretty good he & Wentz connected alot it will be interesting in the passing game this season our receivers are not as bad as some seem to believe . I do believe given the weapons around Wentz will lead to more then 10 wins this season .IMHO
  4. They were going to see where he fit best Sounds like a plan .
  5. Reality looks much more Obvious in hind sight than in foresight. People who experience Hindsight Bias misapply current Hindsight to past Foresight . They perceive events that occurred to have been more predictable before the fact than was actually the case . We have seen tape of Wentz doing really good in a Frank Reich offense & the Coach & Chris Ballard believes in him something he did not have in Philly . I look forward to the start of the season so we can live in the here & now we can then evaluate the off season moves with common sense .
  6. George Taliaferro I read his story it was awesome he became in instant favorite for me I really liked the Eraser Bob Sanders along with Freeney & Mathis . https://www.colts.com/news/george-taliaferro-pioneer-nfl-figure-and-former-colt-dies-at-91
  7. I just read this Polians thoughts on the subject very good read . I questioned the decision at the time now I understand it , http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/throwback/201411/bill-polian-game-plan-building-winning-football-nfl-colts-bills-carucci
  8. Its raining stupid up in here where's my dumbrella .
  9. They stay in Baltimore so i’d only be an hour and a half away and could attend every game. You still have a team in Baltimore & there still an hour & a half away . I have heard many Baltimore fans whining over the years it is old .
  10. You can thank the Politicians & cheap skates who voted against the Colts who needed a better place to play & then the threat of imminent domain did'nt help either . Art Modell gave you the Cleveland Browns team & front office & was given what apparently the Colts did'nt deserve , Hind sight being 20 20 maybe the people of Baltimore & Politicians should have appreciated the home team in any case thank you Baltimore for being so cheap . Its about time Baltimore moved on you got the Ravens & the Baltimore Colts are never more . Thank You
  11. I really like Pascal I can't wait to see him playing with Wentz .
  12. There has only been 1 franchise in 2 cities .
  13. Yeah I agree its like betting on a QB in the 6th round to breakout & become the G.O.A.T its not a smart idea . Tom Brady & the Patriots & Buccaneers proved you wrong before you even posted .
  14. I actually taped the entire game after the fact I watched his LT allow the defender nail Carson Wentz & was impressed greatly with Phily's # 13 Travis Fulgram he & Wentz connected & as the game went on to get very close that run by Miles Sanders was huge . I was concerned when I noticed that Wentz started to remind me of Andrew Luck I would prefer not to see my QB running with the ball it rarely ends well . There running game & receivers available in that game were doomed to fail. Wentz will do much better here in Indy the team & coaches are just what he needs to be successful hopefully this draft brings in a quality LT & edge rusher for obvious reasons .
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