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  1. With all due respect that just means your both wrong . Nobody has coddled JB he was thrown to the wolves in a sink or swim scenario he did pretty good the first year considering the situation but failed miserably last season . If he were to remain as the starter that IMO would be insane . We need to draft a QB . Not recycle rejects from other teams .
  2. SEPARATION howabout just catch the damn ball way to many dropped passes by Colts receivers as I recall making JB look even worse ..
  3. No list is complete without Clip Board Jesus .
  4. And sometimes you lose a Drew Bledsoe & gain a Tom Brady .. JB is a caretaker we need a kicker & QB period ..
  5. Your blaming AV for that loss is CLASSLESS yes he has fallen off starting at the end of last season . IMO the biggest reason we lost was HOYER IMO his throws were mediocre at best offense was sputtering around on the field maybe if Ebron scores that TD all would be better point is it was a team effort AV is & should not be the SCAPEGOAT .
  6. Wow what a bunch of crybabies . AV went from G.O.A.T to Scape Goat thanks now get lost & on most teams that might be the case . Irsay Ballard Reich & the Indianapolis Colts seem to have more CLASS that & its there opinions that matter thankfully . Coming from a fan base that BOOED Andrew Luck after all he went thru & AV struggles & no he is not the reason our COLTS are losing ? He is but 1 of many reasons we have lost . Christmas Wish list New QB & Kicker
  7. I was talking about his first season I realize he had this year under his belt although being the starter was a surprise .
  8. We brought in JB & thru him in with no training camp no off season & no familiarity with his teammates this year surprise surprise you are now our starter JB . IMO he has performed surprisingly well he was not brought to the Colts to be the long term answer but he has been given the task if he fails it will only be because those around him failed & It was a total team break down that led to that loss ' stupid penalties & kicker issues & interception & our O=line seemed to take a step backwards there is plenty of blame to go around . A failure of the team in all areas allowed the Steelers to Win Brissett & Hoyer did there best they are back ups . I will point out AV finished last season with kicker issues & started this season the same laces or no laces ... The Colts can easily do better than that game this loss was a wake up call so its time to get back to work
  9. Caldwell & Pagano sucked Arians with his deep ball was awesome if you disregard the fact that the was the beginning of 12 holding the ball to long which ultimately led to his early retirement Dungy was a good leader of Men not the greatest Coach he was brought in to give Manning some help he would get the Colts the Lead only to watch the defense fail time & again . Tom Moore deserves all the credit not Dungy the Offense was running on all cylinders .. Frank Reich with out Manning & Luck has made the Colts Winners the offense & defense both look good we have a great offensive line & a running game with Ballard & Reich at the helm we have been given a gift an ex QB who is what we thought he was an offensive mind that is more than capable to get our Colts to the next level , Tony Dungy had a great playoff run but Manning deserved better as did we fans once again Tom Moore deserves all the credit .
  10. It is And I would do it for a lot less a measly million or 2 will do ..
  11. A V IMO did not live up to his own standards finishing up last season & it has carried over to this season he knows it & so does anyone watching it was hard to watch these first 2 games I expect him too retire this week . He has been a great asset in the kicking game that is nolonger the case the Colts were lucky to get out of Nashville with a win . Happy Trails Vinatieri we appreciate all you have done as a COLT .
  12. I missed out on that thread but I read your posts I'v seen almost every drug out there since the 70's & The most destructive are Heroin - PCP - Cocaine  ,- Pot is nothing like the others it doe'nt kill people .


    There are 2 types of people who smoke the left handers & some of us are from L.A .

    We don't stop smoking just because we move to a midwest state we continue for the same reason as when we were in Cali its not a big deal . Its just uniformed reefer madness .


    And it actually calms my aggressive behavior IMO it saves lives & I'm not joking hoosiers are quick to cut you off flip you off or just mess with people until you jump on them then its like why you messing with me .


    I have drug many from there cars or did pit manuevers & paid for others vehicles when I only drank & that is why I quit lawyers get expensive. 


    I 'd rather have a guy smoking - worst case scenario he'll want some twinkies & something to drink but generally harmless after that like you said there lazy .

    1. DougDew


      Thanks for the reply.  My point was to not into a discussion about drugs, the morality, or political positions on the matter.  Enough of the forum does that already.


      I may be totally wrong, but when choosing to employ one of two people, and the first likes to recreate by taking a stimulant to help him stay energetic on the weekends, and the second guy likes to lay down and stone out to Pink Floyd then fall asleep, I simply trust the 1st guy to put more effort into his work when sober than the second guy.  Just two different mindsets, IMO.  In a nonfootball job, I think the first guy would be more likely to meet a deadline, a sales goal, or a production quota.  That is just a narrow point I was trying to make, and why I wouldn't cut Newsome much slack....even though I understand pot is not that big of a deal as far as drugs go.

  13. Hi Nadine 


    I started a thread meant for the Colts thread but I posted in General could you move thread please .


    Greatest games of the 90 's 

                          Thank you

    1. Nadine


      I moved it.  FYI, the fasted way to get a thread moved is to report it and ask the mod team to move it

    2. ÅÐØNϧ 1

      ÅÐØNϧ 1

      I will in the future if that comes up .


      Thank You 

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