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  1. With all due respect that just means your both wrong . Nobody has coddled JB he was thrown to the wolves in a sink or swim scenario he did pretty good the first year considering the situation but failed miserably last season . If he were to remain as the starter that IMO would be insane . We need to draft a QB . Not recycle rejects from other teams .
  2. No list is complete without Clip Board Jesus .
  3. I missed out on that thread but I read your posts I'v seen almost every drug out there since the 70's & The most destructive are Heroin - PCP - Cocaine  ,- Pot is nothing like the others it doe'nt kill people .


    There are 2 types of people who smoke the left handers & some of us are from L.A .

    We don't stop smoking just because we move to a midwest state we continue for the same reason as when we were in Cali its not a big deal . Its just uniformed reefer madness .


    And it actually calms my aggressive behavior IMO it saves lives & I'm not joking hoosiers are quick to cut you off flip you off or just mess with people until you jump on them then its like why you messing with me .


    I have drug many from there cars or did pit manuevers & paid for others vehicles when I only drank & that is why I quit lawyers get expensive. 


    I 'd rather have a guy smoking - worst case scenario he'll want some twinkies & something to drink but generally harmless after that like you said there lazy .

    1. DougDew


      Thanks for the reply.  My point was to not into a discussion about drugs, the morality, or political positions on the matter.  Enough of the forum does that already.


      I may be totally wrong, but when choosing to employ one of two people, and the first likes to recreate by taking a stimulant to help him stay energetic on the weekends, and the second guy likes to lay down and stone out to Pink Floyd then fall asleep, I simply trust the 1st guy to put more effort into his work when sober than the second guy.  Just two different mindsets, IMO.  In a nonfootball job, I think the first guy would be more likely to meet a deadline, a sales goal, or a production quota.  That is just a narrow point I was trying to make, and why I wouldn't cut Newsome much slack....even though I understand pot is not that big of a deal as far as drugs go.

  4. Hi Nadine 


    I started a thread meant for the Colts thread but I posted in General could you move thread please .


    Greatest games of the 90 's 

                          Thank you

    1. Nadine


      I moved it.  FYI, the fasted way to get a thread moved is to report it and ask the mod team to move it

    2. ÅÐØNϧ 1

      ÅÐØNϧ 1

      I will in the future if that comes up .


      Thank You 

  5. 2 positions we absolutely do not need to waste a draft pick on are obvious TE & QB .
  6. The past & future 18 & 12 . The changing of the guard & Peyton Manning as classy as ever nice pic.
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