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  1. Congrats to 12 & the Missus .
  2. When Mack missed 4 games we lost 4 games its not all on him but to do what the Coach wants & I agree with those who mention Ajai he could help if not him there will be someone brought in to make the next step 20'th in rushing is not gonna get the job done .
  3. Frank Reich was hired Feb 2018 by Ballard who you must by now realize he is never gonna go all in on FA . If you have'nt noticed the Colts have in 1 season turned it around building this team on a solid foundation which means the Colts are not buying what your selling . Grigson brought in the free agents IMO the over the hill gang as did Polian when 18 went down it did'nt work . Cleveland has sucked along time in Basketball & Football . Lebron came & went so what if they won a Championship they Suck now & The Browns since last season are relevant for the first time in decades . They have sand bagged & now its paying off but is it really ? Unless they when a Lombardi there still a Joke IMO .
  4. As good as Peyton Manning was when he did not play Sorgi or Painter or Clip board Jesus & whoever else could not step in & do what Brissett did his first season being thrown to the wolves no off season work outs or pre season with the team , The offensive line sucked the running game sucked & yet he survived . I'm not saying I would not trade I'm saying with what the Manning era & so far the Luck era has shown us is the importance of a good back up . We have seen a difference already our Colts have stepped up last season was a great start to winning back the division IMO it would be a step backwards & foolish Brissett is the security blanket that the Colts have needed for decades . To make the next step the Colts must keep Brissett however IMO If we could get a quality pass rusher in a trade or a first rd pick offered we should seriously listen .Just my 2 cents
  5. Not turning this into anything other than my opinion of your opinion because thats all we have is our opinions when they become a rant it signals to me that maybe its a very strong opinion & I get that I have them as well . And IMHO your post has everything to do with Chris Ballard he is the man with the vision whos team last year proved its on the way back to former glory following a well laid out plan . Have Faith .. We fans must give the Team the benefit of a doubt the Scouts & Ballard have not done it the fans way they did it there way & I for one am proud of the Colts progress & happy with the direction of the team . I get that Giddy feeling once again & more than ever , I believe in the Blue as I realize you do as well we all want whats best for the team so enjoy this off season watching new weapons being added . In Ballard Reich Mudd & Eberflus I trust
  6. Chris Ballards stance matters he is the professional & has done a great job what makes you think he can't build upon last years success ? And if you were right and players do fit like a glove in your opinion & are ignored by Ballard than that just means your vision for the team is wrong based on Ballards track record his works. People take themselves way to serious we need impact players on the Colts whenever & where ever we can find them .
  7. I disagree We can do much better ? HOW Mack showed he is very capable & he IMO next year will be even better of that I have no doubt . Mack is the Back that Luck has needed the O-line has come togeather & now Howard Mudd is back with Reich & Luck this team is ready to take back the AFC South & go deep into the playoffs . We have needed a capable O line & running game for several years we now have that this off season will be big with hopefully a huge emphasis on defensive talent we must find the next Freeny & Mathis book end threats smearing the QB should be a high priority plus a WR IMO
  8. Wrong we are not the Patriots ridiculous would be ignoring facts just to WIN once again that may be the Patriot way its not the Colts way .
  9. Polian drafted better on offense than defense IMO his offenses were great with 18 but the defense sucked & the leagues worst regular season defense won a Lombardi that won't happen twice . Our offense needs a new 88 to put out there with T.Y but our Defense also needs a stud pass rusher if its a BPA pick one . The Peyton Manning era is littered with awesome seasons offensively but defensively NO . Our defense has always been the problem going back 2 decades been a fan from day one I just want to see a defense that can consistently pressure & dominate a team . This is the year our Colts make the next step & it starts on the defensive side of the ball imo..
  10. Great move Chris Ballard continues to surround Luck with players & Coaches that are winners the future is bright for our Colts .
  11. Yeah unless you CHEAT replicating the Patriots " So Called " dominance will not happen . Go Rams
  12. It is what it is & not unreasonable .
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