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  1. Good. That makes two of us. I'm done with the divisive NFL.
  2. I'm going to my 57 straight race with family and friends and will be partying my * off in some of the same 14 seats I've had for nearly 40 years at the top of the NEV turn.
  3. They all stink. This is ridiculous.
  4. Who cares. Better be more concerned about what they say about the 2021 Colts. No 2020 season.
  5. Yep. Look for Leonard to come out with "guns a blazin'"!
  6. Hopefully, there are none. Colts play their best at 1:00.
  7. Based on that, FA signing Clark Kent!
  8. Why lock it? The man has an opinion.
  9. Speaking of water and bridge, Love would be Bridgewater 2.0 - not worth it.
  10. I think Kubuske would win a lawsuit if he had patented his design.
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