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  1. The concern is the whistle. It blew, so he quit trying. Otherwise, I don't think that 60lb lighter corner back would have stopped him from getting six more feet.
  2. It does matter with respect to the refs blowing the whistle too soon. The league needs more pertinent examples as to why they should let the play finish when safety is not the paramount concern. There have been way too many examples of quick whistles this season.
  3. I agree. And had the ref not blown the whistle, I believe Doyle wouldn't have stopped and would have moved that little cornerback beyond the line to gain.
  4. If you saw that play, what do you say?
  5. Can't believe they let the center pick the ball up and move it half the distance to the goal before he snapped it.
  6. What a bunch of sour pusses. Colts will still win the AFCS.
  7. I'd be all for taking a good look at Kelly once/if the Colts are bounced from the playoffs. I think he has shown some potential and is deserving of a look.
  8. I said a while back, the Colts will be just fine as I believe this man is an upgrade over Andrew Luck. He has heart and wants to play. Andy proved what I thought, no heart, would step aside.
  9. The Colts are fine. Close win for the shoe!
  10. I thought he would be the PK by now. Sorry coaching and strategy.
  11. I agree. What a bunch of goofballs.
  12. Give him more carries. Pay him and play him. Otherwise, cut him loose and up grade.
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