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  1. Possibly. Assuming they find a good QB and some decent receivers.
  2. Nice try. Glad you are not scouting for the Colts.
  3. Left-handed compliment. I'd stay home.
  4. Resting Bisquit during MIA game and playing Vinatieri were HUGE errors in judgement. Both cost us games that were very winnable.
  5. No pass. IMO, he made some terrible decisions that cost the Colts a playoff opportunity.
  6. I don't see any QB additions this year.
  7. Look folks, we aren't drafting high enough to get a good QB talent this year. Looks like Biscuit will be our starter going into next season (and I'm not satisfied with him being the potential starter). I would like to see Kelly get a legitimate shot to supplant Jacoby. If Kelly can't, let the chips fall where they will, maybe Hoyer will excel. But, the Colts cannot afford to spend money or waste a pick on a QB. IMO, the money first needs to go on the defensive side of the ball (secondary, pass rusher). After which, we need to upgrade our skilled position players. Whatever happens, Biscuit will be a stop gap.
  8. No. Mostly disappointed with coaching decisions and defensive schemes.
  9. Burt Jones rocked!! Kids today don't know who he was.
  10. Sorry end to a sorry season. See you next year (maybe)..
  11. Full Backs are a waste of roster space and cap money. Use a TE on occasion if you want a heavy-weight ball carrier or pass catcher out of the back field.
  12. There are no meters on Morris. Easy in, easy out.
  13. Park for free on west Morris St. between Senate St. and Missouri St. 3,000 foot walk to stadium. Easy access to interstate. I did it for years.
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