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  1. You seriously doubt the stadium crew would've filmed Brady at the same time with T.V crew did? Really? What makes you doubt that? If the Television crew is cutting to Brady having a tantrum you seriously doubt that any packer fans would want to miss that on the jumbo-tron? I would love to hear the logic that brought you to such a conclusion. What do you believe was currently on the Jumbo-Tron than? And why do you believe people working at Lambeau wanted to stop that from reaching the big screen? If the television crews caught it you would have to be delusional to think it would be impossible for the stadium workers to get that same footage up on the big screen. Because while neither of us know what was on that Jumbo-Tron (maybe a Packer fan who was there will tell us) but I wouldn't seriously doubt either outcome... and not sure you can with any certainty, that is unless you have specific information that you have not yet shared... (FYI those camera's that are filming what are seeing on the jumbo-tron are the same cameras filming for TV so I would say the odds are against your "serious doubts" and that you should look more into this and on field cameras before making such nearly conclusive claims. I can't deduce any logic or see any argument from you as to what else would've been on the big screen so like most of America I am left to assume it was Bradys Tantrum).
  2. Nope, I've seen people removed from sporting events for using that word, and they used it less times. So don't worry about "my sake" because if fans can't do that than why can star players on T.V? Makes logical sense to me so you can stopping questioning "my sake" now But no your argument that Brady can use it as many times as he wants and it can't be labeled as loosing composure totally makes sense... and isn't elitist at all. Contrary to any new rules/penalties you are clearly not aware of. Those penalties have been called many times this year just check with Cutler.
  3. lol so if you saw a person say that word in public as loud as he could that many times you would not think twice? Even at Wal-mart that would gather most of the whole stores attention. I know at any job I've ever worked at that is when you call security/the police when someone is doing that. Go ahead go to out to your local restaurant try that and try explaining how your not having a tantrum and how this is America while they drag you into a police car for a public disturbance.
  4. Lol you make it sound like he used a bunch of different words rather than the same one over and over and over. Whether you agree with it or not the N.F.L has stricter rules regarding this type of thing so it will be debated when it comes up (penalty or not). A controlled man doesn't use that word that many times in a row. That's the textbook definition of a tantrum or losing your cool as we just pointed out. I would not be surprised to see a fine and or apology. I understand you're just defending your guy but I'm sure if you have a little one you wouldn't let him watch a T.V show where a character did or acted like that. It would be far from the PG product the NFL is going for. And before you pull the typical Ace up your sleeve "the old footage of Manning yelling at Saturday". That was him having a tantrum I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Colts fan who disagrees with you on that one so let me save you that effort. Even though Manning was able to spew out coherent sentences along with the swear words.... Rather than just cussing for the sake of cussing. Either way it's a tantrum.
  5. An uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration. synonyms: fit of temper, fit of rage, fit, outburst. He was filmed repeating the same swear word over and over as loud as he could after losing a children's game played by adults. What are we missing here?
  6. You really believe teams still run the Tampa 2 defense? Please elaborate which teams? I'd love to hear. Like I said earlier some teams mix in some cover 2 and such but there are no tampa 2 teams left and there have not been for quite some time. You need to realize that to understand what I and the bleacher report article you refused to read said. Also the Colts would not draft a young Freeney he doesn't fit the system sorry you have the same nostalgia towards him I have towards Cato you are just blinded by hatred and can't see that. I'm sorry but the Colts did not let Freeney go due to cost or age, neither of those things affected Mathis because he FIT the Colts system. Had Freeney also fit we never would have spent tons on Jean-Francois and Welden, as well as a 1st round pick on Werner. But I'm sure deep down you know that. P.S at least capitalize God when you wanna get dramatic when you are trolling.
  7. I knew there had to be a massive hidden hatred of the system! No one just illogically hates every Colts linebacker of that era like that without some ulterior hatred. Also you bash bleacher report but have no argument to the contrary with any stats of any sort to back up your claim that the author is wrong, obviously you never clicked on the link just looked at the website and discredited it because I posted it, so I am done with this petty discussion because at this point you clearly don't care what I have to say your hate is blinding you. Where Did I say he would be a fit coming straight out of Michigan please show me... Oh wait you cant... You don't actually read my posts or click any links just assume and keep throwing out your random opinions and baseless accusations. I was the first one to say he was only a TAMPA 2 linebacker (which is why I was claiming he was no longer in the league and you were claiming it was because of talent remember?) now 4 posts later that's your main point? sheesh... Whered your physical skills and talent argument go? right out the window? P.S you choose FREENEY, remember why the Colts moved on from him him? He doesn't fit paganos system either, man some serious hypocrisy here pretty sure your just trolling me now after I read that. Your entire argument against June works against Freeney too, doesn't fit the system too old. I am like 99% sure I've been trolled now. Done reading/responding to you thought we were actually gonna have a legit discussion here.
  8. Team MVP - Luck Offensive POY - Luck Defensive POY - Mathis Outstanding leadership - Redding Best game award - Seahawks Game. Most Improved player - Coby Fleener (I will admit its hard not to give it to brown though) Best acquisition - Cherilus Biggest surprise player - Donald Brown... Breakout player of the year - Donald brown... Costliest Injury - Reggie Wayne.
  9. Really Brackett a terrible linebacker? Here is a link to a bleacher report article that has him as the best Colts linebacker of all time with stats and and argument to back it up :http://bleacherreport.com/articles/336031-the-best-indianapolis-colts-of-all-time-the-defense (not saying I 100% agree with the article but I am trying to put some perspective on your absurd view with no stats or anything to back it up that hes "terrible".) Also you can't have your cake and eat it too, you claim Cato was simply a Tampa 2 linebacker and nothing more, but than in your very next post claim that he is not in the league anymore due to physical skill and that is your main argument why he is "bad" and completely ignore your previous point about the Tampa 2 system and seem to conveniently forget that no team in the NFL runs the Tampa 2 anymore, few still mix in some cove 2 every now and again but that is not even close. Also you fail to mention the 34 year old LB's in the league are far from coverage LB's (which we had already established Cato was) you are comparing apples to oranges here. I think the strange pent up frustration you have with all these linebackers throughout this era is not with the players themselves or even their skills or abilities. I think you are more angry at the system than you realize or are allowing us to realize. It's a fun offseason thread no one is really talking about signing cato 34 years off the couch into Pagano's system, perhaps you can argue with the posters whom are choosing edge because we already have T-rich... Remember the title to this thread...
  10. What production drop off? Only stat he had that dropped was tackles/assists and anyone who actually remembers Cato June knows his speciality was a coverage cover 2 linebacker. Oh and if you wanna claim tackles = production you have A LOT of Pat Angerer defending to do around this forum.... also he was a MLB and people are still arguing tackles are misleading. Cato was not. 2003 IND11 8 6 2 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2004 IND16 110 84 26 0.0 0 2 0 2 71 36 71 0 8 5 0 0 2005 IND13 102 68 34 0.0 0 0 0 5 115 23 36 2 6 2 0 0 2006 IND16 143 97 46 1.0 2 1 0 3 14 5 8 0 4 6 14 0 2007 TB16 69 48 21 0.0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 4 6 0 2008 TB16 67 49 18 0.0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 2 3 10 Too many fans look back at the past so negatively, lighten up man Cato was a integral part in our epic 2005 defense and a even more integral part in Indianapolis's only Superbowl. Cato June should remind us of awesome times with Dungy and a superbowl win. Shame it just brings up such negative emotions with some people. Also if Cato was so bad whom did we ever replace him with? Clint Session? a revolving door of low draft pick and FA's that lasted usually 1 season. Your acting like we cut Cato drafted Patrick willis and went on to actually have a great defense... You mention he was the best of a bad LB core but fail to mention how bad the LB core continued to get without him. Why is it so rational to you to ditch the best LB? I just don't see your logic at all.
  11. Love the Cato June reference! That guy was a beast. Hated when we lost him to Tampa.
  12. I agree Completely. There is a really good documentary about this topic called Broke it's a 30 for 30 ESPN film and it really is rather touching to be honest you really feel for these guys. Many are supporting cousins and all sorts of extended family are literally draining them. We can never really know what outside factors are at play here whether they be noble or not. I think this piece of the article shouldn't be overlooked and if true perhaps Vince Young went through something similar to Dwight Freeney, or perhaps he's simply lying... Should be interesting to watch this situation develop though. "this stems directly from a $1.8 million loan that Young took out from Pro Player Funding during the 2011 NFL lockout. Young reportedly owes the company $2.5 million in accrued interest, but Young is suing his former financial adviser Ronnie Peoples and former agent Major Adams II, claiming that they defrauded him by obtaining the loan without Young ever receiving any of the mone"
  13. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1932769-vince-young-files-for-chapter-11-bankruptcy?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial&hpt=hp_t3 Rookie of the year and hottest commodity, what feels like only years ago... Truly sad.
  14. I actually thought there was something too this until I read far enough into the article and saw this lol. "Of course, the Super Bowl Indicator is nothing more than a correlation. There is no real cause and effect and investors should NOT use it as a guide for buying and selling stocks."
  15. Lol because that makes it okay? Nice logic there no denial just insinuating its okay because its one dirty player to another, really nice.
  16. Board games with Mr. Luck, no question about it.
  17. How about the time in Superbowl XXXIX when Tom brady threw a TD pass to Givens and Givens proceeded to mock the Eagles and do their wing flap celebration in the endzone. I remember thinking that was pretty classless for a superbowl.
  18. Oh yeah because signing Amendola and letting Welker walk worked so well for you guys. hahaha I can't believe your gonna try to pull that argument out on Wes after the guy you replaced him with turned out to be hot garbage that you guys paid through the nose for and the Bronco's got Wes for a massive discount due to your teams inability to evaluate talent. What does Wes have to do to prove to the Patriots he's not done? Besides beat you and make you watch him play the Superbowl at home because clearly that wasn't enough...
  19. Are you sure YOUR a fan of the Colts? Because most Colts fans were relatively aware of the situation when we cut Manning but you appear to be completely clueless as to why Irsay cut him. Acting As if Irsay did it spitefully. I don't think Irsay or a single poster on this forum believed Manning to be "washed up" and greatness was still expected from him hence the # of teams bidding for him.
  20. That was my first thought as well. I wouldn't expect Ireland to be the person to inform the Browns even before the trade. I would think the Browns would have done extensive research both on and off the field before going after him and this information would have been available to the right people, i.e team doctors. You always hear about trades pending "physicals" so medical data must be exchanged to some extent.
  21. I'm not sure if anyone was throwing out the label "whopper" on him but many did think we could pull off a trade for him for a "minimal price" if I remember correctly
  22. It's not even the offseason yet, and we have a crazy story like this. Poor Browns. I truly hope this is not the beginning of a offseason full of arrests. That being said my favorite piece of the article. "A TSA officer wrote in the complaint affidavit that several passengers at the airport reported strange behavior from Bess. He was dancing and singing, with his pants repeatedly falling down" Charges include disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer. Full Article here: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000314399/article/davone-bess-arrested-at-airport-on-multiple-charges
  23. Interesting choice by the vikings if it turns out to be true! I know many Colts fans have expressed that they feel Norv is a great OC but not a great HC and I feel similar. Will be interesting to see the drastic changes in the Vikings this year with Zimmer and now possibly Turner. Now they just need to find who their going to start at QB. Full Link here: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000314101/article/norv-turner-close-to-deal-with-minnesota-vikings
  24. 8 years at Wake forest and he was 26-63 than got fired after going 2-14 here which I can guarantee you was not a "choke" job for luck like you seem to be insinuating. Just because he recently won a SB with the Raven doesn't mean success has followed this man where he goes. It means he recently won a SB which makes him a currently hot candidate, despite his failures in the past.
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