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PFF Believes Colts Road Grading OG Quenton Nelson Could Become the NFL’s Best Overall Player Soon

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3 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

You know, at least when I whine and moan about a player, it's about someone that's actually garbage like Brissett. You complain about literally the best player on the team getting paid because he's a Guard. He hasn't allowed a sacks for 30 games. Since week 2 of his rookie season. So get the heck out of there with that trash. He's going to be an all-pro every year of his career and he's already the top Guard in the NFL.


You couldn't of picked a worse player on the Colts to say you might not pay. I don't give a crap if two random people out of 16 games did ok against him. Again, take that garbage elsewhere.

Okay doky

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5 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

Hmmmmmm.......lets c if u have that same enthusiasm when he is up for his 2nd contract.  He is going to want a huge payday and I am not sure I would pay a guard the kind of money he will b seeking.Plus he got owned by Simmons and Hayward last year

30 games without a sack says otherwise.  

Did he have bad plays?  Sure.  Show me a player in the NFL that doesn’t.  

If you don’t think the Colts are going to re-sign Nelson you aren’t listening to Ballard.  He’s always talked about drafting and then keeping your own.  Nelson is exactly the type of player he’s talking about when he says bills come down.  

We watched the Colts handed a franchise QB in Andrew Luck and saw his career destroyed by injuries because he never really had a line in front of him.  Why on earth would you want to give away your best lineman because he’s going to be expensive after seeing that?  News flash good players in the NFL are expensive and you can’t build a good team nickel and dimming everywhere.  

On top of that the Colts can afford Nelson.  The Chiefs just gave how much to Mahomes?  Yet they can still afford to pay other players.  The Colts aren’t going to have any kind of contract like that for a long time thanks to not having a line to protect Luck.  They can afford Nelson because while he’s going to get a record payday for a guard he’s still not going to get QB type money.  

On top of that a large part of these big deals is how are they setup.  Just about every deal Ballard has signed has been team friendly.  I highly doubt he’s going to change that for Nelson.  He will structure the contract so Nelson gets paid what he’s worth but also so it works for the Colts.  

Yes the salary cap won’t let you keep everyone but unless you don’t know what you are doing with the cap it let’s you keep guys like Nelson.  

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8 hours ago, CR91 said:


Peyton threw 6 picks in one game. Are you gonna say he sucks?

You must keep in mind this person was the same one who said Darius Leonard couldn't tackle and wouldn't be worth another contract because of his position. 

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