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Jags Vs Colts Predictions


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And just how do we get -7.....hummmm mr genius?

Colts 20 (AV game winner as time expires)

Jags 17

The title and question asked for predictions, not (necessarily) score. Go ahead and re-check. I predicted the rushing yards totals.

You may now keep your backhanded character comments to yourself, thank you.

or.... maybe I was making a joke... you decide rational people.

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Colts 24

Jags 20

Painter throws 2 tds. 1 to Reggie and 1 to Pierre.

Addai rushes for 87 yards 1td and 4 catches for 28 yards

Freeny 1 1/2 sacks

Mathis 1 sack and 1 force fumble

First win of the season :rock:

If Addai scores any points in his civvies, I'll clap him heartily out of the stadium......we'll not score in double figures again. And lose by at least 2 scores.

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