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  1. Just look at the previous Lions games where the refs shaft them and you will know that the nfl is becoming more and more like the NBA. A Joke!
  2. This forum is a joke. RG3 over Luck? LOL, good luck with that. RG3 is a bust, you can bet the farm on that!
  3. Saturday is likely to just retire.. Mathis is the best option, but both Mathis and Wayne are going to complain when we do tag either of them.
  4. Maybe if we cut him and then offered him a rookie-level contract for being a WR, we'd have another weapon for Luck to pass to. Peyton's tall, so he could be the next Calvin Johnson. ;)
  5. There are plenty that agree with me. Peyton IS NOT healthy, i don't know why so many people keep chanting this, because it is not true and has never been verified, so tell me why THIS is constantly posted? Of course I am a Luck supporter, because it represents the best for our future and I will continue posting this.
  6. I'd rather see pretty much anyone but the Packers and Niners win. Even if it meant New England.
  7. As long as its anyone but the Packers or 49ers! I'm personally hoping for the Giants and Baltimore Ravens.
  8. Dear Peyton, You need to do what's best for you and don't let anyone else tell you different. You owe Indy nothing, and should consider a team that is primed with a good defense so you can ride out your career with another couple of Superbowl wins. Everyone will understand. Thanks for the memories!
  9. It makes more sense for Manning and the Colts to just part ways, its in the best interest of both parties. Don't you think Manning would love the opportunity to play for SF49er's with their defense in his last 2 years for Superbowl runs?
  10. and THIS is a very silly statement. For you just proved WHY we need to take Luck instead of gambling with keeping Peyton. One hit and Peyton is done for sure given his durability. Luck has low mileage and thanks for proving me right, Ramblinwreck7.
  11. This post just confirms to me Luck is worth it to take with the #1 Pick, so we don't >>> it up.. and makes me very weary of RG3 given those previous examples of his type of play.
  12. First off Dookie, the "standards of the uninformed" sounds like something that is better applied for those who have no faith in rebuilding the future with Luck. Peyton has 2 years max left in him.. his injury makes it so he'd be smart to walk away today. I would have to say "hollow minds" exist in ignoring a career ending neck injury for a once-great QB, and leaving us once again vulnerable to a 2-14 season... instead of repeating history, i'd suggest moving on from it. That doesn't sound like a statement from a hollow mind now does it? And it won't take 5 seasons to allow Luck to catch on. The kid will at least get us at 8-8 in his first season. From there, the sky's the limit.
  13. This post is nonsense. With Luck we won't be 2-14... but then again with no Peyton we were 2-14, so what are you complaining about? My scenerio means we aren't relying on an injured washed up QB to be our savior. Can the same be said about your plan to make sure we don't go 2-14 again if Manning gets re-injured next season with one hit?
  14. Heck ya! If it means we can extend our W column for another decade, who wouldn't like Luck?
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