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  1. Thanks for the memories Manning. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Perhaps they can at least do you a service and put you on a decent team come next year.

    1. super8todd


      hmm.. Barkley. First, let me ask you this, what was the best USC QB that is still playing and that isn't shaky. Barkley is destined to Washington, because they are used to being a bad football organization.

  2. Its too bad that we can't trade Manning and at least get a 3rd round draft pick for him before he retires.

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    2. Coltssouth


      Trade Manning? Slaps head.

    3. WSO
    4. super8todd


      and yet, i am laughing at you all. Thanks for the memories Manning, but some people just like living in the past.

  3. Only 5 more games to go. I knew we were going to get Luck after the first game this season and haven't stopped believing.

  4. It's too bad we can't trade Manning right now... before he retires from his neck injury. He's a great spray-painted gold piece to trade away.

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      No thank you don't think so.

    2. super8todd


      I think we could get a fortune for Manning. He's one hit away from a career ender. I say we trade "yesterday's sad news" because some team will be desperate for it.

  5. Just thinking about our great future dominance when we take Luck in 2012.

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      So your saying Luck is the savior of this team?

    2. Peytongirl


      Just thinking of great it will be when Peyton returns and the team is rebuilt. :)

    3. super8todd


      @Susie Q - Luck will be in a couple years when we rebuild.

      @PeytonGIrl - And I'm just thinking how screwed we are in 2 years when Peyton retires and the team still needs to be rebuilt.

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