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    • His OL last season was worse.  His protection rate last season was 32nd.  This year, 22nd so far.    Scheme is shallower this year. So expect lower yards unless we see a lot of meaningless yards (comeback attempts). Likely less TDs. More INTs.
    • Didn't mention Pinter. Said he should be replaced. Not sure why you are making this Pinter? Everyone knows he's the weak link.   And everyone knew Matt isn't mobile. Everyone knew wasn't quick trigger (like Rivers). Why expect a different QB lol... he is Matt Ryan, same guy we've seen for years.  The OL he had last season, was worse. Still, his AY/A and ADOT was much better. That's all scheme.    Ryan vs KC... 73% completion rate 106 passer rate 2 / 0 TD-INT ratio While getting sacked 5 times... And vs the team who was #1 in QB pressure %   Your expectations are unrealistic given OL, and scheme/calls. Not mention vs #1 QB pressure rate.  Anyone, who looks stats, says "good"... And please.... no bull about "stats don't tell the truth"...  That bull is for folks that want to diminish plain fact.   
    • Anyone want to revise sack totals?  Ryan is on pace to take about 65 for the year lol.  Won’t be that high but will be more than 32.  He should have more yards.  TDs I’m leaning no now.   he’s gonna get some better but has to get a lot better if we are going to finish better than last year.   our oline was as bad or worse last year to start the year with so many out and recovering from TC issues.  We have an incompetent player physically in the line right now in Pinter.  And none of the rest of the guys have been great.
    • 61 !!!! Just minutes ago. Huge relief for him finally hitting it.               
    • If you rewatch the game Bills vs Titans 41-7, you will note that the Titans kept changing 3-4 and 4-3. In addition they flopped their DE between Autry and Simmons until they found the winning match up. To combat the Titans defensive scheme, the Bills had a Fullback or Blocking TE along with McKenzie (RB) line up behind the OLine. We should do that as well until we can find a way to protect Matt Ryan. Grab a guy off the waiver or practice squad to play that role if Kylen Granson or Mo Allie Cox can't block. Keep Jalani Woods catching up the middle. Copy what made the Chargers and KC successful with Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez. Both were coached by Reich.
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