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Colts Vs. Browns Preseason Game Night Thread


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Welcome back again to Colts Gameday everybody! :) Our Colts will try to go over .500 in their 2013 preseason schedule, and are playing two games in the next six days starting tonight, as they host the visiting Cleveland Browns, featuring Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson at LOS.

Don Fischer and Barry Strauss are announcing tonight's game commentary televised live on HD in Indianapolis on WNDY Channel 23. The NFL Network will also replay tonight's Colts/Browns game in the coming week nationally later in the coming week on Monday afternoon at 4:00PM, and early Wednesday Morning at 3:00AM, both Eastern Standard Times.

Bob Lamey and former Colts QB Jim Sorgi are also announcing the live radio game play-by-play and analysis, along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee, simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK 97.1FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network.

LOS's roof may be closed for tonight's 7:05PM kickoff, because Mostly Sunny and Clear skies is forecast outside at 84 degrees, feels like 83 degrees, 38% humidity, 10% precipitation, and very mild eastern winds at 5 miles per hour.

Colts are wearing the blue jerseys and white pants for tonight's game, while the Browns are wesring their matching white jerseys and pants.

Both the Colts and Browns are playing a 'mock' regular season game, as tonight will have an impact on who will make the upcoming 53-man regular season roster as all NFL teams must cut down to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon.

NO injuries to both teams, as both teams are playing in the first few series of the game, and GO COLTS!!!! :cheer::jump::excited::blueshoe::helmet::coltslogo::coltshorse::coltsfb::colts::1colts::coltslogo::cheer::D

Colts Vs. Browns NFL Gamecenter:


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    • And the Rams with their QB - Roman Gabriel were the Colts' biggest rival in 1967 and 68.  
    • I'm willing to give anything a try at this point.  
    • And Dulin was receiver #1 against a stout Jags defense.     Matt has some stuff to look in the mirror about no doubt.   Fumbles have to be cleaned up.   Not too worried about the INTs, 3 came in that Jags game where we didn't have enough weapons and was trying to come back. Sometimes you have to make throws you otherwise wouldn't of.     Only thing that really matters is we are 1-1-1 and that could easily be 0-3 with how we have played.     Focus moves on to Henry and the Titans. Hopefully Shaq is back as well.
    • Move Pryor to RG and start Raimann at LT
    • After three games, a few things jump out at me:   O-Line is atrocious which is causing Ryan to throw some suicide balls, speed up his progressions, pretty much makes everything look hurried on O.     The playcalling of early runs so often allow opposing D's to stack the box early.  So our gains are minimal.  This allows them to tee up on our suspect o-line because they know the pass is coming.    Our defense is built to play well against second reaction play quarterbacks.  Mahomes, Rodgers are guys we usually play well against.  They don't tend to pull the trigger immediately and like to extend plays in the pocket before throwing.  Generally, our D feasts on these type of QB's.  I can't believe Andy Reid didn't scheme up a quit hitting passing gameplan for us.  If he watched Mills and Lawrence, they had free completions every single snap if they got the ball out on a 2 step drop or under 2 seconds.    This is why we struggle so much against pedestrian QB's and often make them look like pro-bowlers.  Our D' and the cushion that our corners play on a consistent basis is designed to gift the easy 5-7 yards and tighten up as the field gets shorter.  Problem is, most QB's are not greedy or talented enough to NOT take those yards- ala Mills and Lawrence- it's realistically the only thing they can accomplish.  Mahomes is so confident in his abilities to extend plays that it oddly masks a lot of our deficiencies on D.    I will wait and see if we can adapt our D to a passer more along the lines of a Tannehill next week. I want to see if we can jam up the short and intermediate passing game and still get to the QB while doing it before I believe we are worth anything from a D scheme standpoint.   Overall a good team win, albeit one that came with a bit of luck.  I don't think Ryan will bring us a Superbowl (in fact we would be lucky to win a playoff game with him as our QB), but I think he will be a good bridge to develop our young receivers and potentially a young signal caller when we draft one (and we absolutely need to) in the spring.     
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