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  1. I can’t believe I have to put up with this crap again all year long. We are in deep trouble if they can’t figure out how to beat a team like this. About the least talented team they will face all year. What a joke.
  2. And another thing is the line play on both sides of the ball has been horrendous today. Ugh. Frustrated.
  3. I’m about done with these coaches. Same crap every year. Ballard has done a good job but have to have coaches that can motivate and get players ready to play. They obviously can’t. And Rivers throwing picks does not surprise me. He had been doing that a lot the last couple of years. * off.
  4. Someone needs to done after today. This defense looks lost. Unbelievable.
  5. This is embarrassing. Colts should be up by a considerable amount right now. Ugh. Same old crap again.
  6. I’m dumbfounded. So the colts wasted weeks on this punk thinking he was coming here. Feb 6th and they have to start search over. Man I bet Ballard is lit right now.
  7. Here's hoping AC's injury is not bad. Offensive line is a mess with all the injuries now.
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