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Fwiw, I'm inclined to write off the Bears game as early season jitters. The Colts have had the lead late into the 4th quarter in the other 3 games.

I'm already inclined to trust Luck in crunch time more that all but a couple other QBs in the entire league. I believe he has directed a TD drive inside of 2 minutes to play in each of the last 3 games... And add to that his play to close out first halfs.

Take away 1 poorly covered play at the end of the Jags game, and this team is a SHOCKING 3-1... and sitting with the 3rd best record in the AFC... (I know, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts...)

IMO, this team will continue to grow and improve this year, as the O line hopefully gels, as the rookies get their legs, and as chemistry develops team wide. I'm not sure I'd want to be a playoff hopeful team with the Colts on my schedule late in the year. Then again, other than Houston and the Pats, the Colts' schedule suddenly looks much less scary than it did before the start of the season.

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were all riding high from the big win, and I believe the team will grow immensely from a win like this one. Only time will tell where this team is headed this year. From what ive seen so far this year, the sky is the limit in the future. Once we clear up the cap room and get depth at all positions, we will be hard to deal with in the near future

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I asked on chat who ppl thought we would lose to the rest of the season. Cuz like you the only tough games i see left are pats and houston. I say we take one from houston and possibly lose to the lions. That would make us 11-5. Me makin that statement darn near got me laughed right out of the chatroom. Its nice to see the optimism around this place

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Just before the season I said, that this team would have disappointing losses and astonishing wins. I think yesterday we had an astonishing game, and I hope there would be some others...

As far as I see, the team keeps developing.

Now it is time to show up on road games. That's an other lesson to learn.

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