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    Colts football obviously, I also volunteer daily for the Moose Family Center which is a non profit organization that funds a children's orphanage in Illinois and seniors home in Florida. I am the Past Gov. of the lodge and have held almost every office in the lodge and district #2 in the Indiana Moose Association.
  1. Luck and his genetically modified flavor savor will run wild on you brother! Wat cha gonna do when that stache runs wild on you?
  2. the only real wildcard here is the Colts. To say that we are not at the top of the division is a bold statement. We have the only proven quarterback aside from a mediocre season from Mariota and our new defense and offense have yet to be seen in a meanngful game. I see the Colts as a team with a few holes that need filled but we still have one of the best qb's in the league. Its all a toss up at this point but I would say Colts, Jags,Tennessee and then Texans. imo
  3. This very easily could be a low scoring game. Their d and running the ball=time of possession might be the formula for a 14-10 game. Thank goodness the game hasn't been played as anything can and will happen any given Sunday. IMO
  4. The make up of the team will create some advantages for the Colts. Teams will not be able to play us the same as in the past. They must respect the run and that should improve the o~lines ability to block N passing situations and every o lineman in the league would rather run block than pass block so our o line should be much improved just by adding Frank Gore. With the way our offense should be able to move the ball, defenses will be playing on their heels instead of with aggression. Opponents offenses will be playing catch up for most of the season so that will give the defense a chance
  5. I hear all the rhetoric about the deflation making no difference in the score, and most assumptions are that if the Patriots had not deflated the balls that they would have still won, and won big. Maybe, maybe not, we will never know. Even when the facts clearly show that they did indeed cheat, I feel as though they did have us out matched at every level on that game and the deflated balls were a case of overkill. The Patriots wanted to destroy the colts (which they did) and would go to every level to do so. With this being said, the true nature of what the Patriots did in that game is only th
  6. Who are you to be telling me to be happy with that? Remember, "stay classy". lol TROLLLLLLLLLL
  7. There is no defense for this. He was already on the NFL's radar, he had to know he wouldnt get away with it, so he knew the punishment was going to be harsh. Too bad, he would have been great on the practice team.
  8. May have been better to just state the fact that it would have been nice to see more Colts fans in the seats rather than all the chiefs fans.
  9. He is great for the Colts. A great ambassador for the team and the city, not to mention that he is a good punter, holder and tackling machine! Sure, that was a horrible kick in the TN. game, and yes he has had some issues as of lately, but I have a felling that he will get these things worked out. A kicker is a kicker...unless your Patty Mac and the boomstick
  10. Since the Texans have started looking like the Oilers of old, I would say T.Y. should have another great game against them. 9 receptions for 120 yards and two t.d.'s
  11. Not much of a decision to be made here, Luck is with the Colts and Peyton is not, so that would make Luck the clear choice for me. Peyton did great things for us, now its Lucks turn
  12. wow, moving on. And thats no rumor!
  13. I did not cry, but did find it extremely emotional. I may have had a tear in my eye when Mathis stripped sacked the Ol fellow.
  14. What a heart wrenching game to begin with, now losing Reggie makes it twice as bad. Glad for the win, but heart goes out to #87.
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