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  1. Simplistic view, IMO. Allowing more players on a roster keeps teams from having to decide between the player who may have a limited future, and the one that might develop. The less teams have to make that call, the more they can “horde” talent, encouraging disparity, diminishing the value of free agency, and benefitting teams in more desirable markets.
  2. I get what y’all are suggesting, but the roster caps are designed to encourage parity. If The Colts stink like they did last year, and “earn” being 3rd on the waiver wire, larger rosters would mean lower quality of players released, and less chance of grabbing guys who could make a difference. 100 man rosters would hurt smaller market and perennial loser teams in the long run. IMO, it isn’t in the Colts’ best interest to push for larger rosters. While I hate seeing guys get injured, and hate seeing promising seasons blown up, I also appreciate the skills involved in managing a team through all of that.
  3. schwamm


    I was remembering that catch as I typed my last post. FWIW, I recall overblowing Sam Guiguerre’s (sp?) chances to impact the team several years ago, thinking he could be our Wes Walker. In fact I’ve been guilty of singing the praise of a more than a few no-name preseason heroes on this board in years past. I think the impulse stems from two things: one is that we want to see diamonds in the rough succeed, and the other is that we want to prove our keen ability to recognize those late round or UDFA heroes among all the camp fodder. If I can loudly claim Cain’s greatness, and he succeeds, I get to tell y’all I told you so, and be branded as expert (conveniently burying the hundreds of earlier occasions I was a mile off in my assessments). But Cain looks good, and I hope he becomes a bonafide NFL star for the horseshoe. I’ll praise all his advocates for their keen acumen when he does.
  4. schwamm


    I really hope Cain succeeds. I’ve just been around for a long succession of hyped preseason players. Remember Kenton Keith? Or Moorehead? It seemed like there was a stretch where there was one favorite “beast” each preseason who never amounted to anything. I hope Cain isn’t that.
  5. schwamm

    Remembering Gavin

    I've been absent for a long while, and am saddened to hear this. Gavin was a genuinely interesting contributor here, one who stayed above the fray, and constantly sought and shared knowledge and insight about this team and the game of football.