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  1. I’d definitely wish everyone would take on Q’s attitude: constantly strive to get better, play nasty, hustle, make everyone around you better, and be the first guy to help a teammate up at the end of the play. More of that please...
  2. Aren’t games in Jax normally at 15% capacity and socially distanced even without COVID?
  3. Ask me a month ago, and I would have pounded the table for a WR. But with all the comments Ballard has made about depth at WR in this draft, and about the value he anticipates at the position in later rounds, I’m now thinking it’s most likely going to be OT, with DE as second most likely, or an outside shot at TE, depending on who is available.
  4. I thinks he’s implying he “ain’t to proud to beg...”
  5. FYI, not over Inman. He wasn’t on the team until after Cain was injured. Over Grant, maybe?
  6. 4. Picked up several D players who can be played at multiple positions. 5. Continued to emphasize leadership (several more college team captains), humility, character and intelligence.
  7. Dude, seriously... you need to take up a new instrument. Your horn only plays one note, and it is in desperate need of tuning.
  8. Once there was a whole crowd of Colts fans running around with their hair on fire because there was that one guy with a name they recognized... and the Colts didn’t draft him... AAAGGGHHH! The end. Good night.
  9. FWIW, most of us weren’t fans of Ballard passing on CBS in last year’s draft because of all the Q’s there, but it didn’t end up being the weakness many anticipated. They weren’t perfect, but their quality of play improved by leaps and bounds over 2017, and continued to improve all year. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that the WRs do something similar this coming year.
  10. I really appreciated when Polian was hired by the Colts, and I love that he was an integral part of bringing a culture of winning to Indy, but I grew frustrated by what I saw as a draft philosophy that relied too heavily on assigning values by position. Grigson, on the other hand seemed to over-inflate his own scouting abilities, and seemed to imagine he knew definitively which player was the BPA, at the cost of good value. I appreciated how he always seemed to look under every rock for FA talent, but he didn’t really get how to assemble a team. I’m probably one who ov
  11. So I think BPA, as most fans understand it, is a unicorn. Pretty in theory, but a myth. My best guess is that the Colts board is a complex, flowing river of information, where players may be loosely sorted, but “BPA” is an on-the-spot evaluation of players remaining vs. a deep understanding of relative values at that draft spot. I guess I consider needs as part of that value equation. Drafting expressly for needs is foolish, IMO, but drafting around filled needs is common sense. The Colts won’t draft a QB with early capital because they don’t have need, and therefore don’t have
  12. It’s been a while, but I’ve stated this in years past: I don’t think “positional value” means the same thing to NFL personnel as it means to fans. Stacking a draft board isn’t as simple as “we think this CB is better than that TE”. And I really don’t think positional bust rates weigh much in the equation. GMs need to approach drafts with total confidence in their information, and not fret about guarding against being wrong. I strongly believe truly successful teams draft for value (or should), not necessarily BPA. By that I mean they evaluate all available players, and conside
  13. Simplistic view, IMO. Allowing more players on a roster keeps teams from having to decide between the player who may have a limited future, and the one that might develop. The less teams have to make that call, the more they can “horde” talent, encouraging disparity, diminishing the value of free agency, and benefitting teams in more desirable markets.
  14. I get what y’all are suggesting, but the roster caps are designed to encourage parity. If The Colts stink like they did last year, and “earn” being 3rd on the waiver wire, larger rosters would mean lower quality of players released, and less chance of grabbing guys who could make a difference. 100 man rosters would hurt smaller market and perennial loser teams in the long run. IMO, it isn’t in the Colts’ best interest to push for larger rosters. While I hate seeing guys get injured, and hate seeing promising seasons blown up, I also appreciate the skills
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