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  2. Which is why teams don’t do that down three score. Just building off your point.
  3. There is nothing wrong with pulling for your time. That’s why most of us are here. You shouldn’t be shamed for that. With that said, remember people who point out flaws aren’t always doing it to be doom and gloom they are just saying hey this is what I saw and I think it could be a problem. The vast majority of those people would love to be wrong and for it not be a problem and for the Colts to win every game they play. I know I am that way when I point out something I think is a problem. To me it’s not about being right, although I will admit to some here it is, it’s
  4. A parlay is a sports book bet that has multiple games and you must win them all to collect. But at much better odds than even odds for picking just 1 game. If all the games all have even money lines a multiple parlayed pays approximately: 2 team pays 3-1 3 team pays 6-1 4 team pays 10-1 5 team pays 20-1 Money lines of course affect parlay odds. Point spreads are approx odds shown above.
  5. I think the problem is people take comments out of context on both sides and take it to the extreme. Example if you say hey I don’t think Frank called a good game someone is going to say you are calling for him to be fired. At the same time if you say hey Rivers played a good game on Sunday someone is going to take that as you saying Rivers is the best ever QB problems solved! I think everyone would be better served to just take things at face value and not try to read into it to make your opinion, whatever it might be, stronger.
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  7. Nah.. But I'm sure somebody somewhere will give Reich or Ballard credit for being geniuses lol.
  8. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/story/_/id/29682741/projected-2021-nfl-draft-order-no-1-pick Current odds for 1st pick in order. Jets Jags Giants Bengals Falcons Just hope it's not the Jags. I'd prefer the Giants to be honest.
  9. 1 year deals, or short terms deals, are always part of the equation. And mixing in good but aged vets with young and upcoming talent is a good thing. That's just normal and good roster management. There's always a mix on a good team. I'd have zero issue with spending 8ish/year for two years on a healthy Ertz. That said, I'm higher than most on our current TEs. Doyle is extremely solid, Mo needs more snaps, and especially RZ and sail route type snaps. Burton did well, but he's more slot WR than TE to me. 8M for 2 years is not a huge or long term investment. With Ertz being injur
  10. Rushing 4 gives teams a better chance of not getting beat over the top. We all saw that 1 on 1 with Hill/Kelce/Hardman and nobody covering over top is a mismatch.
  11. Ertz is maybe one but for all the big ticket guys upcoming, is an aging TE really what we need to invest in? 8+ million at age 30 and it’s for 1 more year and FA in 2022. I don’t know about you but I’m kinda tired of working on the 1 year deal guys. I’d like to keep building up MAC and either Doyle or his clone Hentges maybe. Idk what the plan is for Burton but I’m not spending 3-4 mil on him either. Can’t stay on the field his whole career so far. imho, until we can solidify the longer term QB spot, whether that’s Eason or a new draft pick, I really feel we need to focus on the defe
  12. On the first bolded, I'm not sure the luster was ever there. While he's not as bad as he was in SD/LA, he hasn't brought the creativity from Philly (Pederson called plays there to be fair) either. I'm just not sure who Reich really is to be honest. Some would say he did better last weekend, but honestly he didn't really have choice but to open things up after getting down 21. I'd just like to see more creativity, while at the same time, less "cute" but still bland game plans. On the second bolded, I'm a lot more confident in our ability to get on a roll in the playoffs with Rivers
  13. No thanks on either under the current circumstances. And never AJ. I'd take an uninjured Ertz though. Eagles would be silly to trade him.
  14. I love what Blackmon has done, but I'm still a bit cautious long term. When we play a good QB with legit deep capability, we'll see. So far, Blackmon's plays have been mostly "help", and things in front of him. And they've been great. Still we haven't seen him challenged deep in single coverage. I still think Willis is our weak link. When in cover 2 and he is playing split S, he struggles outside of the box. He's much better as a SS, or as more LBish in rip/liz. His coverage stats have improved a lot this year, but IMO it's more a product of scheme, than actual improvement. It's s
  15. For me, some of the luster has worn off the Reich throne. However, I'm certainly not asking for his head or whatnot. I would just like to see him a little more prepared to start a game. There is NO WAY this team should fall behind 21-0 to a very mediocre Cincy team at home. None. Kudos to them for figuring things out and getting them back, but that start was horrid and that falls on the HC. As far as Rivers, not worried. He will likely be gone after this year IMHO. I simply can't see him wanting to play another year. I could be wrong. Hilton is most likely gone
  16. Yup. I'd rather give up a few good players in a trade, than multiple 1st rounders. Anyone is fair game except Q lol.
  17. Fun game to watch. Nice comeback by Wentz and the Eagles.
  18. It's all an equation. W/Ls are an output of several factors. INTs are part of the equation. IIRC, Luck has near the same INT% as Rivers. There are a lot of really bad QBs that just don't throw INTs too. Many though, like yours truly didn't see Brissett riding high early. He had a few good games, but he also had some stinkers. Those stinkers don't disappear because of a few good games. Just like Rivers stinkers don't disappear after the Bengals game. One thing is pretty clear though. Rivers throws more INTs. The other thing that is crystal clear, is that Rivers is a lot better in many o
  19. I wouldn't be too disappointed. There are several factors here, not the least of which him being thrust into the starting role 1st half of Game 1. But he is a rook, which means he's a work in progress. Heck even Blackmon, who everybody is slobbering over, is still a work in progress. We just don't have a large enough body of work to say he is going to be _____. I agree, he is missing some yards out there. But as I stated above, I think some of that is he is just trying to establish a rhythm, find cohesion with his OL and the QB, remembering the playbook, etc. I think he is just trying t
  20. Jim Sorgi made his money without ever having to wash his uniform. Brissett wants to play but on a junk team? Maybe he will progress this year and next to the point Reich will see him as the starter. Who knows, way too early.
  21. At total of 6, one more the a few AFC teams individually. Dallas & Philly tide for first each with 2 wins.
  22. Agreed. And safety looks to be one of the strengths of the team right now. So much so that we may not even bring back a first round pick from just a few years ago. Blackmon has been a (I say this cautiously) revelation thus far.
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