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  2. Well.... Fitzpatrick appears to be the starter, so, yes, Miami would seem to be tanking.... And Keenan is no longer the starter in Denver. Joe Flacco is with Keenan staying as the back-up. Could Miami have some interest? Sure. But what would they offer? My guess is not as much as some might think.....
  3. I think the odds are low. Seems like most of the teams in a QB need will either draft one or tank for Tua/Herbert/Fromm(Miami). There is an outside shot, but I wouldn't call it likely by any stretch of the imagination.
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  5. You'd argue with mud puddle. On the black out policy.... the NFL suspended the black out policy in 2015. Even when it was in place, you only had to sell out 85% And... if you don't understand the correlation between attendance, ticket demand, and overall revenue, then you have other issues you may need to get checked out. Season ticket renewals declined in the 16, 17, and 18 seasons (along with attendance). That was bad no matter how you spin it. Pump all the sunshine you want, but it was bad. The Colts even upped their food and beverage credits to sell tickets. They didn't pick up till we went on the second half winning streak last year. Here's an article on the turnaround, but talks about the declines in previous years. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/01/17/indianapolis-colts-season-ticket-sales-expected-to-increase-in-2019/2591196002/
  6. In terms of grading, I'll use NFL.com's draft ratings. Funchess was a 5.64 during the 2016 draft (6.0 is assumed a "Starter"). Rogers wasn't even rated or included in most big boards at all (top 300 or 400). Rogers was an undrafted free agent, so saying someone ranks under Rogers is a bit of a head scratcher. There are 16 WRs rated higher than Funchess's 5.64 in this year's draft. Boykin is one of them. One advantage to taking one of those 16, or even one a bit lower, is that you're not paying them 10M or more per year for the next XX years. Isabella for instance is rated a little below 5.64, but is RW and PFF's top rated WR. I'd have zero problem whatsoever taking him at 59. And I'd have zero problem with several of the WRs at 34. Chances are that a 6.0 WR will be available at 26 is pretty much a given, and at 34, pretty likely as well. You can disagree with the ratings, but there will be plenty of solid WRs throughout the 2nd, and possibly into the 3rd. Short on T1 talent, but plenty of good T2 guys.
  7. Attendance and ticket sales are two different things. When is the last time the Colts were blacked out?
  8. They are selling to the fan, who have not necessarily bought into the decision or vision yet. When fans stop buying the vision, they stop buying tickets, which is the primary goal of the organization. Fans stopped buying into the vision of Grigson, which led to the below. Ballard is in charge of correcting that. His duties are the same as anyone in charge of a company selling something. Also... here's what the guy who hired Ballard to the Bears said about him.... His old boss's words, not mine...
  9. It really answers the “nightmare scenario” thread. They are too organized and too prepared to have a nightmare.
  10. IMO what you call selling, I call explaining. There is no need to sell something that's already bought.
  11. Not really a big fan of taking on prospects with a position change in mind (unless it's very late in the draft). Definitely not something I'd want to do in the first 3 or 4 rounds. The only ones that I'd really be interested in is big DE to DT, big CB to S, big WR to flex TE. One guy that switched position in college that I like, is Jalen Hurd. He played RB (was pretty good) at TN, then switched to WR when he left (also pretty good). A lot of boards list him in the sleeper category.
  12. Were Cato June tipped int of Brady and Vrabel spike to the grill same game?? Way to many games in the mental database to sort
  13. If you think GMs and coaches don't sell as part of their jobs, then carry on. They'd be the only leadership position in any corporation that isn't responsible for selling their vision and decisions.
  14. You don't have to be a homer to know that was a fantastic game. I wasn't specifically referring to that game with my comment. It was just a general thought on the big picture.
  15. I'd love it if Thursday night games come after bye weeks. Would also be nice if our hardest games weren't all on the road. If I were to put my tin foil hat on for any issue, it would be that...
  16. What you don't seem to understand is Ballard is not selling anything. He signed Funchess and what the fan base thinks makes no difference to him. He explained why he signed him. As far as the negative or positive comments it was the positive that made Ballard sign him in the first place. If he has any negative issues that would be taken up behind closed doors and not to the media. Now if you want to concentrate on the negative that is certainly your right to think that. Me, I stay on the positive till proven otherwise. That's all no more, no less.
  17. Not being a homer but out of all the games we played them that was the best overall game. It was a Championship Game on top of it. Had the Pats won, I would be saying the same thing had Brady pulled it out. It had everything from drama, teams scoring back and forth, and a final drive to win the game. That was the real SB that season.
  18. Yes... but I was on my phone, which I can’t link from, and not at my desk top which I can link from. Was not trying to be difficult.
  19. no, i don't. i was replying to the context of another poster who said they don't have to sell anything. if they aren't selling, then they are talking about positives and negatives. if they are selling, it's all positive. and as i said, i expect them to sell it. perhaps read the chain before jumping in with you're usual
  20. what this tells me, is that Ballard from the get go set his value, and delivered options. likely little to no negotiations. i'm sure Ballard would have preferred a deal with a second year option with lower yearly (I would have too), but the fact a one year was included as an option is pretty telling in itself. and the fact they provided multiple contract versions from the get go, confirms to me that this was Ballard driven.
  21. JPFolks

    NFL Schedule

    I think I heard the Bengals and Dolphins have no Thursday Night Game.
  22. you're welcome. it really makes you think about strategy and timing of picks. the lack of monster studs, but good depth of the this year's WR and S class, has made it easy for me (my needs prioritized 1-iDL, 2a-WR, 2b-S) getting what I want in the first two rounds. the exercises have really made me look more at the mid round potential. not that anything plays out like we want it to, or we know what ballard wants/does, but I really like the depth of this year's class for areas of our need.
  23. So what? Would you expect Ballard to say Funchess was a bum or something? Jeez
  24. I am quite aware of how the teams and locations are chosen. BUT.. they have complete control over which games are National games, Monday Night, Sunday Night or Thursday Night. In all 4 cases, we are the AWAY team. That wasn't necessary. but they did it and it was predictable (in fact I DID predict exactly this type of thing on an earlier post here where someone posted a guess at our schedule and I said it would be typical for us to get hosed (based on his guess of how our schedule would go) in that way. And sure enough, WE DID. There is ZERO reason we had to have all 4 national games on AWAY schedule. Thursday night could easily have been one of our divisional home games, but predictably, they picked our away game. And anyone who things they don't fudge games around on those National spots is fooling themselves... the order of games, the weeks of the byes and the National spots are all ways they manipulate the schedules to achieve financial goals they have. It is naive to think otherwise. My argument has nothing to do with the mandatory system that determined who we would play and which games would be home and away. The ONLY thing that is unknown in any future season (until they make changes in how they rotate divisions) is where teams finish the season. So only 2 games NEXT year are unknown at this time on each teams schedule but that doesn't change the huge exponentially higher number of possibilities. 10 viable options for variation? Is that what you are saying? There are an exponential number of variables in how the schedule is set up. Every team could be on a bye across all the possible weeks. Every team could play their pre determined schedule in any given order, ,matching the teams they play that week. So all 17 weeks for the Colts are open for any combination. The only thing that has to happen for any combination is the teams they play obviously have to ALSO play the Colts those weeks. But the combinations of those game orders are exponentially higher than 10. Add many zeros to that. Then once a schedule IS set, they pick and choose which games are played on which days of the week. Only two games are locked at that point and that is Dallas and Detroit will be hosting on Thanksgiving. (Why this doesn't change is another question since they break with tradition in so many ways all the time like who is starting off the season this year). They have so much control over how teams schedules are set up. They can easily favor teams if they want to, though I am not suggesting they are trying to fix the playoffs, I am suggesting they are trying to maximize financial benefit even if it screws one team and helps another. Only 10 viable options? Don't be naive.
  25. Which has a link. https://www.colts.com/video/with-the-next-pick-you-don-t-want-to-be-cluttered-on-draft-day
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