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  2. You need pass catchers. It doesn’t matter if they are a WR or a TE or a RB. We have plenty.
  3. 100% but he’ll be long long long gone by 26
  4. The Jets could offer their 3nd in this years draft and something in next year's draft ? I don't think they can likely trade down until the draft starts to unfold. No way they give up pick number 3 , so it would no doubt include a trade down. That said it's pretty tricky for the Jets to do a deal unless Seattle wants to wait until the Jets trade down. Who knows if the Jets can get reasonable compensation for that pick ?
  5. They wouldn’t trade for him unless they had him signed to a long term deal first. It’s just like what AB did. I just don’t want a guy who thought it was ok to beat his girlfriend.
  6. Don't forget how the GM harps on "culture" being apparently on top of every other consideration when it comes to staffing players.
  7. Could be...….. ..we need a big game from Myles on offense..and we need something from McDermott
  8. More likely than not the last game of the season today. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  9. its stupid to trade a no 1 pick for a guy that is going to be a free agent next year
  10. Yes. But if someone like Ben Banogu is there too, I’m taking him instead
  11. I'm not sure what the Jets could trade for Frank Clark unless it's their 3rd overall pick for Clark and the 21st pick. The Chiefs could trade pick 29 and force us to trade pick 26 to beat them. We'll see what happens.
  12. I wonder if they have some software running in the background during the draft that alert them for things like - runs on players, possible trade targets, probabilities of certain players falling to certain picks, etc. ?
  13. Ok would you take him in the fourth. With that pick if he doesn’t work it might be worth the risk.
  14. According to draft expert Tony Pauline who joined 710 ESPN Seattle's John Clayton this week, the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs all have interest in a Clark pursuit.
  15. Lol amen to that. You don't pick a guard that high in the draft. Drafts a guard. This guys doesn't fit, that guys doesn't fit. Drafts that guy. Lol, it's great comedy. And I'm all about Lawrence just like I was about Nelson. He does fit. He does bring pash rush. He will help shut the run down and keep our guys able to roam and make plays. Now if he only had that mean streak Nelson does.
  16. I saw his collection room a few years ago. He's got some presidential letters so, it's not just music stuff
  17. Nope. He’s this year’s Arden Key. He’ll go In the 4th round.
  18. Why would the colts want a guy that beat up his girlfriend bad This would be the same as the colts trading for tyreek hill.
  19. I’ll join you in that bold prediction then my friend. In the first 3 rounds, the Colts will take a CB and safety.
  20. And an unproven rookie is guaranteed to make us better? Or our WRs as compared to our DBs or LBs?
  21. In 2018 Mr. Clark had 13 sacks 10 TFL 's 27 QB Hits. Per Profootball reference his current salary: 17,128,000 Per Spotrac he is in last year of his contract...……. Is this a decent idea …..Trading for him ?????
  22. Why would the colts want a guy that beat up his girlfriend pretty bad in 2014. That would be like the colts trading for tyreek Hill.
  23. I would rather sign a veteran qb who has some nfl experience to back up luck when that time comes. I was listening to s podcast and they were saying in 2020 there are a lot of QB who will be available with some nfl experience.
  24. Would be interesting if Ballard did acquire Clark. He and Houston together would be a nice combo.
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