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Week 6 Predictions


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22 minutes ago, coming on strong said:

I don’t know what Ballard was thinking hiring him without Brady he has a horrible record . His offenses are horrible with the rams Broncos and patriots without Brady . He is the original adam gase

Adam Gase... That's a really good comparison actually. I imagine that's the reason he stays with Bill year after year. I honestly wonder if the Patriots will give him the head coaching job once hoodie retires.


In regards to Ballard, at the time he was the hot commodity... We also had feelers for Gruden. Thank the lord we didn't get either one of them. I'm okay with Reich when looking at who we almost could've had... 

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15 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I haven't bet this week but have 50 on the Bills tonight, I have to give up 5 points so I need to win by 6. This should be interesting. I am surprised the Bills are that much of a favorite considering the game is at Tennessee.

lol I didn’t think we could use the b word? That said I did really good on the Cardinals game!

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