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Mr. Ballard, please do whatever it takes to put a horseshoe helmet on Joe Burrow’s head next year

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4 hours ago, FRW said:

Just for the record the Pat's have three first round picks this year. Not sure how, but it showed up on NFL Network scroll the other night. Give Cincinnati all three and Brady. There are GM stupid enough to take that. Don't know about Cincinnati.

This isn't true. New England has 1 first round pick this year. Miami has 3 first round picks, Oakland has 2, and Jacksonville has 2. I think that's it for the multiple first round picks this year

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If the Bengals like Burrow as a franchise QB there is no trade that could be made that is going to convince them to give up that pick.


That having been said, the last couple of drafts it seems like there has been a couple different surprises at the first QB taken.  I would not be shocked if the Bengals actually take someone different.  


Joe Burrow is the consensus #1 pick right now but the draft doesn't operate on consensus it operates on a GM/Coach believing in 1 particular quarterback.  There is a good chance that's Joe Burrow but quite frankly I would not be at all shocked if it wasn't him.  

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