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Indianapolis Colts


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Do otas start today?

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3 hours ago, Stephen said:

Looking forward  to reports


Yes they do.

Luck not particpating caus of mild calf strain. Not serious, nothing to be concerned with.

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    • This is pretty rich coming from a person who felt compelled to include his race while trying to denounce racism and I hope that you’re able to understand what I mean by that.     
    • Sorry,  but this is false.   First,  roughly 20 states are already showing a spike in Corona cases.  And the more we re-open the more the number of cases is going to go up.   Second, you can forget about returning to anything close to normal until a vaccine is found.   Without that,  we will remain in some alternate state for the foreseeable future.   The most optimistic target date is early 2021.   Is sooner even possible?   Yes,  but it’s highly unlikely.   The early 2021 timetable is possible, but it’s considered optimistic.    Sorry, not trying to be Donnie Downer.  
    • I think some police like to abuse there power or get on power trips, absolutely. I believe that some cops are in fact racist. But you said being a cop and being racist go hand in hand and that is what I was referring too, as if to become a cop you have to agree to be racist. Do you hear about all the good stuff good cops do? Do you hear about all the bad stuff bad cops do? I will answer, unfortunately you rarely ever hear the good. You hear some of the bad in the local news and usually only national news if it was a White cop and African American victim.    Are all priests/pastors/religious leaders child predators? Absolutely not. Do you hear about all the good stuff the good ones do? Do you hear about all the bad stuff the bad ones do?    Stop letting the news/media sway your opinion. Yes this was a bad cop. It’s yet to be determined if it was racially motivated, not that it matters at this point. Public opinion has already stated it was. 
    • If you don't think that police like to be BULLIES then who is being ignorant?  I didn't  say everyone of them. I'm sure there are some good decent ones  but there is enough of them that aren't that make police brutality a topic that comes up more times than we care for.
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