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A Peytonator Mock: Bleep The Pats Edition

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Over The Cap has us at 77.2 M going into next year.



Donte Moncrief - 1Y/3M 

Adam Vinatieri - 1Y/2M

Jon Bostic - 1Y/1M 

Pierre Desir - 1Y/1M

Mike Person - 1Y/700K

Luke Rhodes - ERFA 630K

Chris Milton - ERFA 630K

Eric Swoope - ERFA 630K


Eats up 9.6M leaving us 67.6M


Free Agency

Andrew Norwell OG - 5Y/65M - Everyone's favorite free agent. Hard to argue against it if he becomes available in my opinion. He will likely become the highest paid guard ever, but I think he'd be worth it.

Cameron Fleming OT - 4Y/25M - I would like to take someone from the Pats. Fleming is the only decent looking RT entering free agency and I would like to nab him, weakening the Pats and helping to fill out our oline. 

Brandon Fusco OG - 1Y/1.5M - Has had some good years and some bad. Solid veteran depth to fight for the RG position.

Matt Tobin OG/T - 1Y/700K - Was a solid guard for the Eagles, moved to Seattle and was forced to play tackle where he was bad. More competition to fill out the right side, just as Ballard has preached.

Orleans Darkwa RB - 2Y/8M - Big bodied back that can break tackles. Put up a solid YPC average behind one of the worst lines in the league with the Giants.

Cody Latimer WR - 1Y/1M - Hasn't put up numbers in Denver with a crap QB situation the last three years and playing behind Sanders and Thomas, but he was drafted in the second for a reason and has a big frame that I would like to see compete for a roster spot.

EJ Gaines CB - 4Y/50M - He has been a consistently good corner since his rookie year, playing in several different systems. PFF rated him the 13th best corner this year. He's not a big name, or an attention getting guy, and I believe he would be a steal in free agency.

Anthony Hitchens LB - 4Y/28M - Gotta fill out our LB corps. Would help transition into the Eberflus era.

Avery Williamson LB - 4Y/24M - See above.

Aaron Lynch DE - 1Y/2M - Has been solid but uninspiring in San Francisco. I liked him coming out of college and I think maybe a transition to a 4-3 could be good for him.

Kareem Martin DE - 1Y/2M - Feel the same way about him as Lynch. I liked him coming out of college too. Could go the same way as Alex Okafor from last offseason; leaving the Cardinals and showing much more in a different system.


Takes up 52M based on my estimates and contract projections, giving us 15.6M to sign draft picks and leave some buffer for next year.



I'm a huge advocate for trading down in this draft, and the best trade down proposal I've heard is to give up our 3rd overall pick for the Bills' 21st, 22nd, 53rd, 56th, and next year's first round pick. A lot of people who have their hearts set on Chubb, Barkley, Nelson, etc. will not like this, but I'd roll the dice on this and see what happens.


1/21 Maurice Hurst DT Michigan - I think he'll drop based on his size, but his production has been elite. He has Aaron Donald level of potential.

1/22 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo DE Oklahoma - Our next Robert Mathis

2/36 Darius Leonard LB SC State - I like his range/coverage ability. Compares to Telvin Smith/KJ Wright.

2/53 Dallas Goedert TE South Dakota State - I have him dropping a little coming from a smaller school and the league's seeming disregard for drafting TEs very high.

2/56 Isaiah Wynn OG Georgia - Has been a tackle at Georgia but will have to move inside in the NFL being on the short side. Showed well in Senior Bowl week.

3/67 Rashaad Penny RB San Diego State

4/100 Nick Nelson CB Wisconsin

5/131 Fred Warner LB NC State

6/164 DJ Chark WR LSU

7/195 Tyquan Lewis DE Ohio State



Final 53 Man Roster

QB (3) - Luck, Brissett, Kaaya

RB (4) - Darkwa, Penny, Mack, Turbin

WR (5) - Hilton, Moncrief, Rogers, Latimer, Chark

TE (4) - Doyle, Goedert, Swoope, Travis

OT (3) - Castonzo, Fleming, Good

OG (4) - Norwell, Wynn, Haeg, Fusco

C (2) - Kelly, Bond


DE (5) - Sheard, Okoronkwo, Hunt, Lewis, Martin

DT (4) - Hankins, Anderson, Hurst, Woods

OLB (4) - Simon, Williamson, Leonard, Warner

MLB (3) - Hitchens, Bostic, Warner

CB (5) - Gaines, Wilson, Hairston, Desir, Moore

S (4) - Hooker, Geathers, Farley, Green


K - Vinatieri

P - Sanchez

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The only reason we should trade down that far would be if both Barkley and  Chubb are gone.


Also I think you’re committing too many resources to the OL. Yeah we need improvement there but signing/drafting that many guys plus the people already on the roster, and you’ll have more OL than needed.

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i wouldnt trade back that far period. 


if chubb or barkley are there, the furthest i would trade back is 6th.  if they are not there then no QBs have been taken, and there will be several teams that are very interested in our pick


so i still wouldnt trade out of the top 10, and we could start a bidding war for #3


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11 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

Also I think you’re committing too many resources to the OL. Yeah we need improvement there but signing/drafting that many guys plus the people already on the roster, and you’ll have more OL than needed.



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21 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

Not at WILL? He's got good coverage skills. I think he could match up against TEs


I agree, but i think that coverage ability is important in both positions...

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    • Discussing the best Left Tackles in Indy history made me wonder what the best (and worst) Offensive Lines were in Indy history.  I pulled simple stats for each year:  NFL Rush Rank, Yards per Attempt, and Sacks.  Here are my top 4 Offensive Lines and bottom 4 Offensive Lines   BEST OL - 2004 - 15th in Rushing, 4.3 Y/A, 14 Sacks - Tarik Glenn (pro bowl), Ryan Lilja, Jeff Saturday, Rick DeMulling, Ryan Diem 2ND BEST - 1987 - 6th in Rushing, 4.3 Y/A, 24 Sacks - Chris Hinton (pro bowl), Ben Utt, Ray Donaldson (pro bowl), Ron Solt (pro bowl), Kevin Call (rookie) 3RD BEST - 1985 - 5th in Rushing, 5.0 Y/A, 35 Sacks - Chris Hinton (pro bowl), Ben Utt, Ray Donaldson, Ron Solt, Karl Baldischweiler 4TH BEST - 2019 - 7th in Rushing, 4.5 Y/A, 32 Sacks - Anthony Castonzo, Quenton Nelson (pro bowl), Ryan Kelly (pro bowl), Mark Glowinski, Braden Smith   WORST OL - 1991 - 28th in Rushing, 3.3 Y/A, 57 Sacks - Zefross Moss, Randy Dixon, Brian Baldinger, Chris Conlin, Kevin Call (Ray Donaldson and Ron Solt were injured) 2ND WORST - 1992 - 28th in Rushing, 2.9 Y/A, 44 Sacks - Zefross Moss, Randy Dixon, Ray Donaldson, Ron Solt, Kevin Call (amazing that 3 of these were on 2nd best OL as well) 3RD WORST - 1997 - 17th in Rushing, 3.8 Y/A, 62 Sacks - Tarik Glenn (rookie), Eugene Chung, Jay Leeuwenberg, Tony Mandarich, Jason Matthews 4TH WORST - 2017 - 22nd in Rushing, 3.7 Y/A, 56 Sacks - Anthony Castonzo, Joe Haeg, Anthony Fabiano, Mark Glowinski, Denzelle Good (Jack Mewhort and Ryan Kelly were injured)   Interesting that two of our worst OL's were situations where multiple starters were injured.  And we have a situation where one of the best and one of the worst both have 3 players in common.  Our best performing OL only had one pro bowler.  Shows just how important teamwork and cooperation is for an OL to perform well.
    • Lawson is one of those guys that isn't getting the credit he deserves because his recorded stats that people often see aren't nearly as impressive as his overall impact.   He generates pass rush and disrupts plays.   In 2020 he ranked:   - 1st in QB knockdowns (27....one more than TJ Watt and 7 more than third place Chris Jones) - 4th in QB Pressures (defined as knockdowns + sacks+ hurries)  (44 total.....TJ Watt was first with 61 but second was a tie between Joey Bosa and Aaron Donald with 45)   He also was charted with only 2 missed tackles on the year and his 5.3% missed tackle percentage would have finished 7th among the top 50 players in terms of QB pressures behind only:   Leonard Williams Aaron Donald Myles Garrett DeForest Buckner William Gholston Jonathan Allen   In summary, his sack total isn't impressive but he is a game changer who applies pressure and does so consistently. I would love to get him and add him to this front. 
    • Why do you think that? Don't we run an overwhelming majority of zone? 
    • His job is to get the best people at every position. He should be delighted to pay them their market value and watch them take care of the Oline for the next decade. However, I do agree that he will draft a LT and just pay for a rookie contract. I didn't assume anything. I just think you exposing him to hits at different angle than he is used to warding off and it could happen. It is not worth even a remove chance.
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