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  1. The value of this draft will be on day 2.
  2. Nice! Good thing you aren't like those *s who put super bowl champs before they even win it
  3. Zach Banner was a fourth, Basham was a third
  4. I really like this mock. I think you resigned the correct dudes and Jarrett and Roby would be awesome signings. From your draft, I think Murphy, Campbell, Hooker, and Renfrow. However, there's very little chance that Mullen drops to the 4th especially after the showing he had against Bama.
  5. I really hope Ballard gives him a chance. I liked what I saw from him early.
  6. We bolstered the oline last year, this year is gonna be the dline.
  7. Yes but as a fan it feels more fulfilling and I'm only talking about the core of guys (i.e. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Saturday, Freeney, Mathis, etc). The Patriots only consistent person is Brady.
  8. When will we ever learn that the system in New England doesn't need great players to win SBs. As long as they have BB and TB12 they will continue to reign over the AFC. However I would definitely like winning with dudes we drafted and resigned as we grow attached to players.
  9. Would be a good pickup day 2 and a steal day 3. But for now he is overshadowed by Ferrell, Wilkins and Lawrence. Voch Lombardi had some pretty good things to say about him in his film session.
  10. I just wanna see him win the qb passing games ;)
  11. I think Ebron's drop was what set the tone. We needed to score first and get into a rhythm but we couldn't.
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