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  1. The value of this draft will be on day 2.
  2. Nice! Good thing you aren't like those *s who put super bowl champs before they even win it
  3. Zach Banner was a fourth, Basham was a third
  4. I really like this mock. I think you resigned the correct dudes and Jarrett and Roby would be awesome signings. From your draft, I think Murphy, Campbell, Hooker, and Renfrow. However, there's very little chance that Mullen drops to the 4th especially after the showing he had against Bama.
  5. I really hope Ballard gives him a chance. I liked what I saw from him early.
  6. We bolstered the oline last year, this year is gonna be the dline.
  7. Yes but as a fan it feels more fulfilling and I'm only talking about the core of guys (i.e. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Saturday, Freeney, Mathis, etc). The Patriots only consistent person is Brady.
  8. When will we ever learn that the system in New England doesn't need great players to win SBs. As long as they have BB and TB12 they will continue to reign over the AFC. However I would definitely like winning with dudes we drafted and resigned as we grow attached to players.
  9. Would be a good pickup day 2 and a steal day 3. But for now he is overshadowed by Ferrell, Wilkins and Lawrence. Voch Lombardi had some pretty good things to say about him in his film session.
  10. I just wanna see him win the qb passing games ;)
  11. I think Ebron's drop was what set the tone. We needed to score first and get into a rhythm but we couldn't.
  12. I'm not sure the rams would even think about that trade. Why take a guard when you resign glow and receiver is a bigger need? Sorry for being so harsh but I do like Lawrence, Oruwariye, and the FA.
  13. I think Harmon is the best too and wouldn't be opposed to taking him with our first. However there could be a run on the defensive side and there are other good WR prospects. Metcalf, both of the Browns, Harry, and Butler are all guys that could slip ahead of him. Also remember that the pick is 34th overall.
  14. Isn't Alex Bars Big Qs best friend? Idk how good he is but Bryce Love could be a steal day 3 just not a big need and major injury concerns.
  15. I would love to have him but he isn't a FA until next offseason and I highly doubt KC would let him walk.
  16. Round 1: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson - One of my favorite prospects who falls to us due to an elite DL class. Wilkins off the field is definitely a Ballard guy. He's a team captain and a William V. Campbell trophy award winner (CFB's top scholar-athlete). On the field he's a disruptive 3Tech who can rush the passer and stop the run. Round 2 (NYJ pick): WR Kelvin Harmon, North Carolina State - One of my favorite WRs in the draft who can contribute right away to complement TY. He's a big, physical receiver with strong hands. He kind of reminds me of Michael Thomas coming out.
  17. The only big FAs I would want is Landon Collins or Tank Lawrence. Highly doubt either would hit the open market though.
  18. He might go undrafted hope we can scoop him up late day 3.
  19. I wish we could do this but I don't think team would take any of the deals. Resign him good backup.
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