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Is There Any Way To Beat The Texans In Week 1?


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Is There Any Way To Beat The Texans In Week 1?

Gap integrity and containment. It's really not that big of a mystery. If we contain outside runs and maintain gaps, we'll be able to control their run game. Then the bootleg goes away.

I've said for a year that I think the Texans spent all offseason game-planning for that opener last year. They dialed up a really good one, and their players executed very well. But even still, they got a lot of help from our linebackers being out of position and our defensive linemen abandoning assignments.

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Answering to the OP -- When facing the Texans, you have to be aware that they're going blitz blitz blitz us. Manning can easily beat the cornerbacks and safeties. The running game shouldn't be a big deal. The main thing is protection, if the O-line comes through, we're good, if they attack and pressure Peyton all game, it's going to be tough for us to win. Now, AF is not 100%, and Powers should do a good job stopping Johnson, so I'm not too woried about their offense.

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If the colts wanna win they need to put Powers on Johnson and take away the running lanes for Foster. Other than that let the offense do its thing. Whether its Manning, Collins, or Painter as long as Reggie is on the field we have a shot if the O Line holds up

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If this is a real question - yes, of course they can win. The DL is the best we've had in a long time. Added an excellent LB. OL may prove to be the best in quite a while too. This team is good enough to win with Collins if need be early on.

Said in another reply I would like to see 'D' go to press coverage on 3rd down - with our pass rush the 'D' would get off the field more often. That, plus an effective run game and the Colts will make it interesting this year.

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What will we do? GASP* Oh I know....we'll do what we always do. Peyton will shred their secondary and we win another tough division game.

While with Peyton the Colts have a better chance but Collins is good enough to win, with the weapons he has here. Have more faith in the rest of the team.

Without him it ain't gonna happen. We all know that

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    • Because a person who is accurately tuned into the forum would know that the laugh was commentary about the entire JT saga and how some were saying that you should not pay a RB because they get injured, and the laugh not just some adolescent giggle over an isolated thumb injury.  And here he is injured after the 4th game or so?  Tuned in folks wouldn't carry on about it.      
    • This exactly. Our season has been over since week 5 and we are 6-5 and in the hunt for the playoffs. These season has been pleasing except for the elephant in the room. But everyone thought our roster was complete hot dog water and we were gonna be the laughing stock of the year. That's not been the case.. 
    • As a matter of discussing hypotheticals and possibilities, you have to speculate facts then form opinions to have a discussion.  But the reader has to know what facts we know and what we don't know.  If you came to this forum only allowed to speak to about actual facts as they are, nobody would ever know enough about the Colts to actually have much to say.      What I said was probably in response to somebody else implying my opinion was not valid because I did not support it with a Link.   As a the topic of JT, there are two layers here that folks are blending into one.     There was a period of time when JT said that he wanted to be traded.  At that point I expressed an opinion about what his trade value would be given the fact that he wanted a new contract with any team...and...the other team thinking JT would not return to the Colts.  I said I'd take two 4th rounders, when everybody else said that he was a good enough player to command a 2nd or a 1st.  The 2 4th rounders was not reflective of JT as a talent, but reflective of the stalemate situation where it seemed the Colts would have to sort of dump him because of JTs stubbornness.  Part of that stubbornness was based upon the reports (rumors) that he wanted $18m per year and the wide spread indications that JT was exaggerating an injury to get out of Indy.  If all of that was true, then certain speculative discussions can spiral away from that centerpiece.  During that time, I never expressed an attitude that losing JT would be a great loss.  I didn't cry about not having him on the Colts.   Since I don't know what the poster is referring to when asked why he thinks I "dislike" JT, I can only assume its because of that.   Do you follow so far?   Then out of nowhere, its announced that JT has signed a contract for $14m.  So the idea that JT was being stubborn in not wanting to play for Indy, wanting $18m per year, and exaggerating an injury were pretty much debunked.....Therefore, all speculative discussions that were based upon those negative reports about JTs attitude disappear instantly.  They no longer exist because the basis was never true to begin with.   Now we have a guy who wasn't exaggerating his injury, and was fine with playing for the Colts.  I that case don't have an issue with $14m for JT (negotiating with him trying to get him back to the club when he "had a bad attitude" is different).  And if you ever wanted to research my comments, I never said anything about how many millions of dollars he should be paid.  As a matter of practice, I never do that about any player because my sense of compensation or price with just about anything does not seem to reflect what others might pay for it...and I'm not just talking about football.    As a general rule though I'd say that teams should not get into a bidding war paying top dollar to retain non impact or nonballhandling positions.     
    • Oh, I agree. Although I still get frustrated with several aspects of this team, overall, I'm somewhat pleased that we are 6-5 and trending in the right direction in many ways. My point was, that even with our schedule, I just don't feel very confidant that the playoffs are likely.
    • Eh I’d rather we put the money towards other areas of need. Although if the price is right I’d like to have him, I just don’t think he’ll take what we want to pay.
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