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  1. Monster reciever! I think we have talent at RB, LB, NT, and some may disagree but at CB also. I think those guys need the right scheme , defensively speaking. I think IF the O-line blocks that the power tandum of Carter/Ballard will be a threat. I think we need to look for a deep, tall threat on the recieving side. Reggie will retire in a few seasons and I want one trained, tuned, and already the #2 guy ready to be #1 like Wayne was.
  2. I didn't call anyione sub par. Interperet it any way you want. i started to argue back, but not looking for a suspension for doing so.
  3. I think that he will be used as the blocking back. Addai didn't have the O-line in the Pass first offense under Manning to run for 1000 yds a year. He was one of the best blockers at that position. I see Ballard as the blocking back. Big bodied and tough. I think that if he is a good back with production, Brown's days are numbered. Brown Doesn't have the size to throw that back. He is a runner. If the O-lie is better than it will be a draw in the position. Either way I think this move has more to do with Brown's future rather than that of Carter's
  4. I just dont see us going after to many free agents. Build through the draft. Why rebuild a team with old(in football years) players? Thats like going to the park to play basketball and picking upo your team from the seniors center on the way out. I see a couple free agents, unless our FA from this year don't pan out. I hate to say it, but it seems to be a curse to pull a high profile FA away from there team to have them flop. happens alot for alot of money. It also seeme like there is a good draft class next year. Jenkins would have been a hassle. The Rams have people assigned to chec
  5. I see this draft as a good one. With out anyone for Luck to throw to, whats the point of having him here? We had Wayne and Collie on the reciever side. No tight end to speak of in the recieving corp, and I think we found a guy to give Brown a run for his money as the starter. The holes will be filled in over this year and next. Plug and play, see who fits where, defensively speaking., Any upgrade from last year is good. But why have a ridiculosly good defense that gives up nothing if you gain nothing offensively. I think we are gonna wine more games than most think.
  6. Harrisn was drafted in 1997. prior to polian/Manning era. Still a tremendous choice though
  7. I would like to see us draft a recieving tight end, but maybe also bring him back at vet minimum. I think he still has it in him, just needs someone who can throw to him.
  8. I'm glad he teels himself that, whatever makes him feel better about himself I suppose. Just ask Reggie Bush about his Heisman or OJ Simpson! Ouch that was bad I know. I don't like Griffin's attitude anyway. Arrogant and not serious enough to lead a franchise, IMO not to mention turning dwn the opportunity to do a private workout. Come on now, even if we never had any intentions on drafting him, atleast we extended the courtasy.
  9. He can say what he wants. I think RG3's style of lay will have him injured and gone before Luck comes close to retiring. I don't want a QB that won't wait for a reciever to get open and take off running. If I am a LB and I see the Qb running, I'm going head hunting.
  10. I have ordered both the white and orange jersey. I am a Colts fan but I plan on following his career outside of LOS. I have several Manning Jerseys. I never wear them just collect them.
  11. As far as your superstar question goes, I am pretty sure the uperest of superstars was let go i.e Peyon Manning.
  12. They are part of the Forever series of jerseys.
  13. Just say no to RG3. QB's like that wear down so much quicker because they are out there taking hits when they run out of the pocket. I would have to say DECLINE.
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